Tudanca warns Cs that with Igea and Mañueco everything will continue to “get worse”




“We are a party with strong roots and we must continue to rise to the level of the dramatic situation with the worst possible government in the Junta and at the worst moment. A government that does not listen to anyone, that confronts everyone and that is not capable of providing solutions. The Secretary General of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, was the one who spoke these words. He did so during his speech yesterday in the Provincial Committee of the PSOE of León, which he took the opportunity to charge against those who lead the autonomous administration: “To continue leaving this land in the hands of Mañueco and Igea” is for Tudanca to allow everything to continue to go “for the worse” . For this reason, he asked Ciudadanos to make a “deep reflection” and think about whether he wants to continue in the same line or “go back to being what he once wanted.” Some demonstrations with which the leader of the PSCL points to a new objective, Ciudadanos, seeking to show that those who share the government with the PP, Vice President Francisco Igea, mainly, are far from the national leadership of the political formation, in addition to the current autonomic .

The Socialists, remarked the regional secretary general, will continue “fighting and doing everything to be responsible and to take charge of this land that so much needs it.” The party, he said, is strong enough to demand a change that is increasingly “essential” because those who are at the head of the Board “do not listen to anyone, they confront everyone and are not capable of providing solutions.” To them, President Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and Vice President Francisco Igea, He warned them that “the health and life of the Castilians and Leonese come first.” For this reason, he asked them to draw up a “prudent” de-escalation plan, but which “includes direct aid to the most affected sectors and gives them certainty.” They need “coherence, security and help,” Tudanca stressed.

“Plunged in chaos”

Since the state of alarm was decreed in March 2020 before the escalation of infections, the Board has followed a strategy that, in the words of the secretary general of the PSOE in Castilla y León, “is not being effective.” He recalled that there are eight autonomous communities below the level of extreme risk in the pandemic, while Castilla y León leads all the statistics. Bearing this in mind, he considered that “we cannot continue to be mired in chaos and improvisation, or in the whims of Mañueco and Igea.”The response of the PP came through his regional secretary, Francisco Vázquez, who accused Tudanca of being more interested in occupying an armchair than in the pandemic, the hoteliers, the self-employed or the residences for the elderly, and assured that thanks to Pedro Sánchez it is known what would happen if the PSOE governed in the Junta de Castilla y León .

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