Twelve victims of the Osteopath from Burgos during three years of alleged abuse




He met some of them through group yoga sessions, others went directly to his osteopathy “consultation” to be treated for their ailments, before which he offered body therapies, quiromassage and “personalized” massages, but his method ended up becoming touching and carnal sexual abuse, as they have already denounced until twelve clients of this fraudulent professional, who did not even have a degree in therapies offered from his home in Villarcayo (Burgos). The number of victims has increased by seven since the summer, in the framework of an operation still open against this individual, who is in provisional prison, and who could have been carrying out these practices for three years.

The first complaint came in February. One of her clients claimed to have suffered intimate touching without your consent in a private consultation during massages with which supposedly it would alleviate certain ailments that the woman suffered. In June, the Civil Guard had identified four other alleged victims. At that time, the investigators assumed that as their work progressed, more would be identified either in the context of conversations with them as possible witnesses or because they had taken a step that out of fear or ignorance they had not taken before.

In the framework of the investigation, the osteopath’s office / home was searched and valuable documentation was intervened to culminate in his arrest and subsequent admission to preventive detention without bail, a situation in which he continues today.

The investigation, which is still ongoing, has clarified the professional offer of the masseur, focused on his office and as an instructor of yoga workshops in multiple municipalities in northern Burgos and the Campóo-Los Valles region in Cantabria, where he collected potential patients for develop more private techniques. Some events date back to the end of 2016, and are repeated in 2017, 2018 and 2019. All claim to have suffered sexual abuse due to intimate touching, of a similar nature, without their consent. Two of these women report episodes of carnal access during the sessions, the Civil Guard reported in a statement.

If the age of the first complainants residing in Barcelona, ​​Vizcaya and Burgos varied between 46 and 59 years, now the ratio is widened and oscillates between 31 and 63, and they come from Castellón, Soria and again Vizcaya.

The analysis of the documentation intervened on the detainee has determined that, although he could lawfully perform relaxing massages – he certifies by means of certificates having taken osteopathy courses -, on the contrary, he cannot practice physiotherapy, as he lacks an official degree.

For this reason he is charged with a crime of professional intrusion, by advertising itself as a “specialist in body therapies, quiromassage and therapeutic massages” and offering to alleviate the suffering of the patient with certain ailments or health problems with massages and other manual techniques.

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