Twelve years in prison for abusing his in-law granddaughter for seven years




A 60-year-old man has just been sentenced in Zaragoza to 13 in prison and eight more years of probation, for having sexually abused his in-law granddaughter for seven years, when I was a kid. The victim began to suffer continued abuse when she was six years old and she did not get rid of them until she was 13, when her grandmother separated from that man.

The Zaragoza Court considers it proven that the defendant subjected the girl to touching and, over time, forced her to touch his penis and perform “repeated blowjobs.” On one occasion he even tried to penetrate the girl vaginally, when the girl was 9 years old, although she ended up giving up when she heard that the girl’s mother and grandmother – her wife – had returned home.

The accused He took the opportunity to commit sexual abuse when he was alone at home with the girl, in the absence of the girl’s mother and grandmother, who for years lived at the same address. But there were also times when he carried them out with them at home, if he was sure they weren’t going to surprise him.

The victim ended up uncovering the facts when he turned 19, after he was found by chance in a pharmacy at the beginning of the year 2019. That “made her relive memories of the acts of a sexual nature to which she had been subjected when she was still a child, with the subsequent psychological condition that even led to not wanting to live “, indicate the magistrates in their sentence. In order for him to denounce, the support he received from his educators and psychologists was also decisive, as also indicated by the ruling of the Zaragoza Court.

During the seven years that he suffered the abuse, he did not dare to count them. Her political grandfather, Zoilo SA, of Argentine origin, “dissuaded the minor from informing her mother of what was happening (…), this silence having negatively influenced her mental health.” Now, in her 20s, the young woman suffers from a typical picture of «post-traumatic stress disorder, with a report of feelings of fear, anxiety, nightmares, confusion and feelings of guilt and anger, anticipating a long therapeutic process to regain normalcy, during which will require optional psychological treatment and probably pharmacological “, also indicates the sentence.

The defendant denied the facts, but the court has considered the exculpatory arguments that he sustained during the trial incredible and has given full credibility to the young woman’s testimony, endorsed by the psychologist experts who examined her.

Finally, he has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for a continuous crime of sexual abuse, with prevaluation and carnal access. He is prohibited from approaching his victim within 200 meters for the next 13 years. Also, after leaving prison, he will be subject to probation for eight years. And he will have to compensate the young woman with 10,000 euros for moral damages.

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