Two important anti-drug operations in Albacete and Cuenca




The Albacete National Police nine people have been detained and the largest cache of hashish seized so far in the city of Albacete.

This has been highlighted this Friday by the subdelegate of the Government, Miguel Juan Espinosa; and the provincial commissioner of the National Police, Florentino Marín Parra, when reporting on this “Recadero” operation.

The investigation, which has allowed the dismantling of a criminal organization dedicated to the distribution of cocaine and hashish in the city of Albacete, began last August, when the police officers received various information about the illicit drug sale activity that presumably they were carrying out two individuals settled in this capital.

The suspects, who were brothers, had not carried out any work activity for several years, a circumstance that did not prevent them from maintaining a high standard of living due to the profits obtained from the sale of narcotic substances.

The information that the investigators had at first was that these brothers used the home of one of them, located in the center of Albacete, as a “base of operations”, where apparently they carried out the sale of cocaine and hashish .

As soon as the investigations began, it was possible to show that various people attended the house regularly, where they stayed for a few minutes, the time necessary to acquire the narcotic substance, check its quality and make the payment for it.

As a result of these first steps, and according to information from the Police, it was possible to prove that one of their wife was actively collaborating with the brothers in the distribution of drugs.

It was also possible to identify another member of the organization, a “historical” of the hashish traffic in the city of Albacete known to the agents, who was suspected of being actively involved in this activity.

The Police, after their investigations, learned that they were going to acquire drugs in southern Spain and on their return intercepted two vehicles from Andalusia and seized the 70 kilograms of hashish found in the trunk of one of them.

The police action motivated the immediate realization of the entries and searches in the homes of those investigated in the city of Albacete and Alicante, and the arrest of another four people was achieved.

In addition, the intervention of 800 grams of cocaine, 2 kilograms of hashish, 14,325 euros in cash, 6 precision scales, 5 bladed weapons and various effects used for the adulteration, dosage and distribution of narcotic substance was achieved.

Four vehicles used by the organization to transport drugs were also seized.

Subsequently, the investigators carried out two other arrests and two other house searches in the city of Valencia, where they seized 146 grams of cocaine, about 800 grams of marijuana, 9,845 euros in cash, a sawed-off shotgun, 4 scales precision and other effects related to drug trafficking.

The judicial authority decreed the entry into provisional prison of six of the seven arrested in Albacete and, regarding the two detainees in the city of Valencia, one also entered prison on a provisional basis.

Operation «Valva 2.00»

On the other hand, the Cuenca Civil GuardWithin the framework of the “Valva 2.00” operation, he has detained a total of nine people in the towns of Valera de Abajo and Villaverde and Pasaconsol and investigated another six, for various crimes against public health and fraud of electricity.

The investigation began when the Civil Guard detected a criminal group dedicated to the production and cultivation of cannabis sativa in its «indoor» modality, which was later destined for its trafficking and sale, the Armed Institute reported in a press release.

After the investigations carried out, the Civil Guard found out that the authors of this criminal plot carried out a previous conditioning and preparation of certain rooms, attics and basements of their homes, in which they obtained optimal facilities for the cultivation and elaboration of plants of marijuana.

In addition, in order to achieve the necessary temperatures and recreate the precise weather conditions for the growth of said plants, they practiced electrical fluid derivations, thus achieving the necessary power for said production.

Therefore, during this month of December, the Civil Guard has exploited the operation by practicing a total of eight entries and searches, seven of them at homes and one of them in a warehouse or warehouse, all of them located in the towns of Valera de Down and Villaverde and Pasaconsol.

As a result of these records 1,500 cannabis sativa plants of different sizes have been seized In indoor mode, a box with 3,800 kilograms of marijuana buds, 134 grams of cannabis sativa in a bag, 1,810 kilograms of unsealed cut tobacco, four grams of cocaine and 3 precision scales and a 308 caliber rifle with the erased serial number and 23 cartridges.

Various equipment for the conditioning and preparation of indoor growing facilities has also been seized, such as carbon filtrates, transformers, extractors and fans; as well as bags of compost and other products for cultivation.

The operation has resulted in nine people arrested and six investigated for 11 crimes – six of them against public health, for the manufacture and cultivation of drugs destined for trafficking, and the other five for fraud of electricity.

The effects, detainees and proceedings have been at the judicial disposal of the Instruction Court 4 of Cuenca.

In the operation, carried out to exploit the operation, the following units of the Cuenca Civil Guard Command have intervened: Roca teams (Roca 2 de San Clemente and Roca 3 de Cuenca), Judicial Police Team of San Clemente, Citizen Security Unit of the Command (USECIC), Citizen Security patrols and Seprona; as well as the Cynological Service of Castilla-La Mancha.

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