UPN and PP defend the identity of Navarra before Bildu’s intention to include it in a Basque republic




UPN has been referred to his defense of the entity of Navarra, as an autonomous community with its own provincial regime, integrated into Spain and in Europe to the new statements of the national representatives of Collect Bakartxo Ruiz and Joseba Asirón, have expressed Bildu’s intention to incorporate the Foral Community into a republic “basque“and the statement that it is” time to prepare the Statute of NavarraThus they have been dispatched, taking advantage of the fact that these days the Foral Community celebrates the Navarra Day. Although they have stated that although Navarra he considers himself “his own political subject”, “he cannot live with his back to other Basque territories”. This is that of history in reverse. For his part Ana Beltrán, president of the PP in Navarra and deputy secretary of organization of the PP, states that “Pedro Sanchez has tied the future hand and foot, in exchange for putting forward budgets that will deal a fatal blow to the unit of Spain“.

The truth is that Collect They are letting him play the game he likes the most and the Socialists, at least the Navarrese, know it.

Before the affirmations of the abertzales, UPN He has referred to the institutional declaration that he presented in Parliament and that was rejected by the votes of Collect, Geroa Bai y Podemos. The PSN voted in favor, but there are wings that cannot be given to anyone and an institutional statement that does represent the majority of Navarrese, was left in the inkwell. The representatives of the regionalist party insist on the defense of Navarra as a differentiated provincial Community, integrated into Spain and in Europto. Likewise, Javier Esparza, spokesperson for Navarra Suma and president of UPN, These days he pointed out that the Foral Community must be built from “the values ​​of social and economic progress, democratic dignity and political honesty, and from the respect for freedom.”

The president of UPN, In reference to PSN, stressed that “you cannot say one thing to the citizens before the elections and then do the opposite, you cannot play with the will of the citizens as has been done in this land, reaching unnatural and indecent pacts that until now they had been rejected or hidden and that they do not represent the majority sentiment of Navarre society ”. “All that in the end is paid because it involves lying and with lies and indecency you do not go anywhere in politics,” he stressed.

Thus, he pointed out that “there is something more important than coming to power or maintaining it at any cost, and that is saving dignity and honesty, keeping one’s word and respecting principles and values.”

He considered it “inconceivable” that Chivite and his government “are not only not thinking about the best for Navarra, but also that they are raising salaries and not reducing the government’s macrostructure.” “His project involves weakening UPN and for strengthening the Basque independence movement, but she does not realize that she is going to end up demolishing her, but also Navarra”, He pointed out these days.

EH Bildu has not voted democratically

For her part, the spokeswoman for eh Bildu at Parliament of Navarre, Bakartxo Ruiz, and the spokesperson for training in the APamplona town hall, Joseba Asiron, have assured today that “Navarra it has not democratically decided either its legal-political status, or the relationship with the rest of the Basque historical territories, or the link with the Spanish State, “as if there were not already several years of democracy voting for the Navarrese and making it clear where they are actually the majorities of the population. They have attacked the Lorafna (Organic Law of Reintegration and Improvement of the Jurisdiction of Navarra) and thus, they have pointed out, “there is an undemocratic veto in the case of relations with the Basque territories, which was de facto imposed through the Lorafna”. “We have never had the opportunity to debate and democratically decide this law. It is time to listen and respect the word of Navarre society. It is time to address the debate on our model of coexistence, it is time to open the way to democracy” , They have said.

They then affirmed that “we want to decide and we want to do so in a sovereign manner, because it is the only guarantee to advance on the path of maintaining social welfare and dreaming of real social justice.” “We want to decide, we want sovereignty, because only sovereignty can open opportunities to build decent public services and only the will, determination, work and struggle can guarantee it, as they are also the guarantee to end cuts or guarantee rights social for all “, he assured, the coalition in which there are still more than representative members who still do not condemn the violence of the terrorist group ETA.

eh Bildu has argued that “we have to decide here, in Navarra, Because Navarre itself is a political subject, it is up to those of us who live here to democratically agree on the rules of coexistence, without any type of imposition, and the vetoes established in that debate must be eradicated. “Navarra it cannot live with its back to other Basque territories, because in addition to renouncing history, it means establishing economic, cultural and social barriers for the future “, he added.

The declaration of the abertzale formation indicates that “the sovereignist left conceives Navarra tracing a new path with the rest of the Basque territories because throughout history Navarra it has done better when it has united its wills with these Basque territories than when it has gone separately “.

“Yes, we want a Basque republic, a confederal republic, that considers and channels the singularities of each of the Basque territories, and of course without kings or corrupt rulers. That is the future we want and we say it clearly so that everyone listens to it on these special dates for Navarrese and for Basques in general, because sovereignty and social justice go together “, they assured.

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