Urkullu advances to Sánchez that if he does not extend the state of alarm there will be “legal problems and relaxation”

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The Lendakari Iñigo Urkulluhas regretted that the president Pedro Sanchez has made public its unilateral “decision, or intention” not to propose the renewal of the Declaration of Alarm Status as of May 9 “without contrasting it” with the autonomous communities, “responsible for health care and in the front line of fighting the virus from day one.” Urkullu reminds him that precisely in October it was he who asked for it publicly, until the Government approved it.

“It is a desire shared by all of society, but subject to unpredictable conditions today, such as the evolution of the pandemic, as well as the process and pace of vaccination,” Urkullu warned on social networks.

Urkullu has requested the extension because, if not, there will be a “very delicate” situation, with legal problems to maintain the restrictions and citizen relaxation. In statements to Radio Euskadi, he considered that there will be “delicate moments” when managing the pandemic if the state of alarm is concluded at the beginning of next month.

The head of the Basque Executive recalled that “exception made on July 31 in San Millán de la Cogolla and October 26 with the president of the European Union, there has been no more meeting of the Conference of Presidents until today to discuss the pandemic in a monographic manner from June 14, 2020 ». “That was the last meeting, prior to the decision to repeal the State of Alarm the following week,” he added. Other regional leaders, such as Alberto Núñez Feijóo, demanded in recent days the chief executive to call a conference to evaluate the matter.

As Urkullu has pointed out, in response to the response received to the query submitted to the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country and after an Order of the same last August, he requested the Declaration of State of Alarm to, “with legal guarantees”, be able to set limits to nighttime mobility. “Not so for other decisions that should be applied by virtue of the Organic Law of Public Health and the Law of Health Management of the Basque Country.” Even so, the Lendakari highlights that “we are witnessing decisions conditioned by the Spanish Government, whether in the field of centralized purchasing, as in communicated orders or under the current RDL of State of Alarm.”

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