US and UK show “grave concern” at China’s actions against Hong Kong lawmakers


The Foreign Ministers of the United States and the United Kingdom have issued a joint statement on Wednesday, which is also signed by the foreign ministers of Canada, New Zealand and Australia, in which they show their “grave concern” over the actions against Hong Kong legislators by of China, after the latest arrest of three former MPs, which “further undermine the autonomy and the rights and freedoms” of Hong Kong.

Those responsible for the Foreign Ministry of these five countries have also denounced “the imposition of new ways to disqualify elected legislators”, which together with the imposition of the National Security Law and the postponement of the September elections to the Legislative Council, they “further” undermine the degree of autonomy of the former British colony.

In this sense, China’s action is “a clear breach of its international obligations” under the Sin-British Joint Declaration, as well as the commitment assumed to ensure that Hong Kong enjoys a “high degree of autonomy”, such as the right to freedom of expression, the foreign ministers point out in the document.

The recent arrests, as well as those practiced so far along with the expulsions of parliamentarians and actions to undermine freedom of the media, “appear to be part of a concerted campaign to silence all critical voices following the postponement of the elections to the Legislative Council “.

Given this, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom ask China to “stop undermining the rights of the Hong Kong people to elect their representatives”, an essential action for “the people to express their concerns and opinions legitimate for the sake of stability and prosperity. “

Finally, they have indicated that they hope that China, “as a prominent member of the international community”, will “live up to its international commitments”, for which they urge the authorities to “reconsider their actions” and reintegrate the members of the Legislative Council.

Just a week ago, the Chinese central authorities approved a resolution authorizing the dismissal of deputies for promoting Hong Kong’s independence or involvement in actions contrary to National Security, which has resulted in the expulsion of Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka Ki , Kenneth Leung and Alvin Yeung.

Hong Kong Police detained former opposition MPs Chu Hoi Dick, Ray Chan and Ted Hui on Wednesday for trying to stop the debate on the bill that criminalizes attacks on the national anthem held between May and June this year. as they revealed themselves on their social media accounts.

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