Valladolid receives almost one out of every five euros of investment and León suffers a cut of 22.3%




The province of Valladolid you will receive almost one out of every five euros of real territorial investments planned by the Government next year in Castilla y León, with 19.5 percent of the funds provided for in the budget project, that is, 194.6 million euros. This amount represents a growth of 48.4 percent compared to this year. León loses the first place in the ranking of this year, and assumes the 17.7 percent of planned investments and 176.3 million euros, which means that the Government penalizes it with a cut of 22.3 percent.

The third position is assumed in these accounts by the province of Soria, which will reach more than 146 million euros, 14.6 percent of the total, with a growth of 43.4 percent. In addition, Palencia is placed in the document as the fourth with more real investments planned, with 137.2 million euros, 13.8 percent of the total, and increased by 252 percent.

Burgos drops to fifth place and investments, with 107.4 million, 10.8 percent, which represents a decrease of 19.2 percent. Zamora appears below, with 10.3 percent of the items, and 102.8 million, which represents a growth of 13 percent, reports Ical.

Salamanca is in seventh place this time, with 53.5 million, 5.4 percent of the total, with a 10.3 percent cut compared to this year. It is followed by Segovia, which also suffers a drop of 3.4 percent, to 45.2 million, which represent 4.5 percent of the total. The red lantern is for the province of Avila, which increases its items by 88.9 percent, although they only reach 33.9 million, 3.4 percent of the global forecast in the accounts.

The investments by ministries they are distributed in more than 112 million in Valladolid; 80 in Zamora; 71 in Burgos; 63.5 in Soria; 25.5 in Salamanca; 39.6 in León and Segovia, in both cases; 25.5 in Salamanca; 18.6 in Avila; and 17.1 in Palencia.

Regarding the public enterprises, foresees 136.2 million in León; 120.1 in Palencia; 82.5 in Soria; 79.1 in Valladolid; 35.3 in Burgos; 22.7 in Zamora; 25.5 in Salamanca; 15.2 in Avila; and 5.5 in Segovia.

Investments of the Social Security will be concentrated in Valladolid, with 3.4 million, followed by Salamanca, with 539,000 euros. As for the consortia, 1.8 million will go to those of Salamanca; and just over a million from Burgos, as the main games.

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