“Vargas Llosa’s vote is worth the same as that of a worker from the most humble neighborhood”




The secretary general of the PSOECyL, Luis Tudanca, recalled this Saturday before the Socialist Youth, during the inauguration of the Autumn School of youth training, that “Vargas Llosa’s vote, no matter how much Nobel Prize it may be, is worth the same as that of a worker from the most humble neighborhood”, referring to the allusion to “voting well” that the Peruvian writer mentioned in, according to Tudanca, “the convention that Pablo Casado has invented to counterprogram the Federal Congress of the PSOE, which is coming out round.”

The leader of the Socialists has framed this consideration in the discourse in favor of the ideology that he wanted to instill in the members of the Youth, after almost 120 years of history. «It is very important, especially at a time when populisms, the extreme right, the once civilized right and today ultramontana, They are trying to make the discourse of anti-politics triumph, that anything goes, that we are all equal, that all policies are the same. And they are not, of course they are not, ”said Tudanca.

The secretary general of the PSOECyL He has spoken about Mario Vargas Llosa, whom he referred to as the one who «changes his suit, jacket or acronym depending on your convenience. Thus, he recalled that the writer “opted to vote for UPyD, then Citizens and now for the PP” and used irony to suggest that “it seems that the future for Casado is not very promising.” «I think they don’t know what true politics is. The politics that knows how to win and that knows how to lose also because that is democracy. The policy of humility, of knowing that we are not always right, nor do we win and that we are in the hands of what the citizens decide, “he valued.

The value of politics

The head of the opposition in the Cortes recalled that the toughest times of the pandemic have shown that “once again, the public is what saves, what equalizes, what makes, from health, social services and public education the opportunities of all are equalized, wherever they live, have the money they have, they or their families, and live in rural areas or urban ”, he stated. In this way, he wanted to vindicate “the value of politics and ideology” because politicians, “on many occasions have given a voice to those who have no voice, those who have nothing other than politics to defend them, to defend them. the collective, the general interest ».

Against this, Tudanca assured that “there are others who have more economic resources, large communication empires, large corporations and business empires that are capable of generating public debates,” he criticized.

For this reason, the socialist leader made a fiery defense of “the roots” in political projects, such as those represented by the Socialist Youth. «We have to know very well where we come from, what is the trajectory of what we have defended for so many years, because our ideology, which is essentially the same, but is going to adapt to the challenges and needs that we have, continues to fight the same. For workers, for equality, for feminism and equal opportunities regardless of where you were born or how much money your family has ”.

In the same way, Tudanca has referred to the forms in politics, in the face of “hate speech” and “tension” that, as he has qualified, “is reaching a community that was not used to it.” “Policy must be based on dialogue, agreement, and respect for the other, in knowing that we may be right, but may not. And you also have to listen to your political rival to reach common ground in defense of the general interest. It is the politics of conviction, not convenience. Those of us who are here because we believe in this project, “he said.

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