Villaroel, convinced that “they are going to exhaust the legislature”




The regional coordinator of Citizens in Castilla y León, Gemma Villarroel, has assured that «They do not contemplate an electoral advance, being convinced that they are going to exhaust the legislature », who made it clear that “there is no reason to doubt the word of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and his decision to end the legislature and execute the commitment acquired in 2019, with a government pact made up of 100 points.”

In an appearance after the celebration of the Board of Directors of the orange formation, Villarroel has affirmed to the Ical Agency that he is «Before a government agreement that is alive, although it can always be modified in the spirit of being improved. «Citizens cannot be questioned that we are people with capacity for dialogue and negotiation to reach agreements. We have demonstrated this in the Community and we will continue to do so with all the respect and education of liberal politicians, “he added.

He has stressed that Cs «do not contemplate an electoral advance, since with dialogue everything has a solution. It is not the first time that there is internal debate in the Government of the Community, because it is a very healthy exercise. What is important is the conclusion of these internal debates, so that policies and agreements are obtained that provide stability to an autonomous community that needs it, since it enables investment and tranquility ”.

The person in charge orange has underlined that «They dedicate the effort of every day to finish this legislature and try to comply with the government agreement in its entirety or even be able to extend it. For this reason, it has indicated that It cannot be extrapolated that at a specific moment something different is voted with a termination of the legislature, since “it is something that has been taken out of context and there is nothing harmful about not being 100 percent at any given time.”

Honesty and loyalty

He valued the work that Cs is doing in Castilla y León, who has sent a message to all Castilian and Leonese people that Ciudadanos «It is a serious, responsible, prudent, honest and loyal party, that it complies with what has been agreed and that it will continue to comply until the legislature is exhausted. Cs reached the policy of the Community “to avoid and clean the corruption of the institutions, and it is no coincidence that there have been no cases of corruption in them since Ciudadanos exists and is part of the governments,” he added.

Gemma Villarroel has pointed out that it is not by chance that they are not repeated «The bad practices we were used to, because Cs opens the windows, provides transparency and informs citizens of everything that happens with their taxes and what happens in the institutions. These actions demonstrate the usefulness of Ciudadanos, by “speaking clearly and being honest,” he pointed out.

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