Violation of the curfew and quarantines in the two largest municipalities in Spain that remain confined




The two municipalities that form the most populated urban agglomeration in Spain, confined to the perimeter by the coronavirus, Elda-Petrer (Alicante), with more than 93,000 inhabitants, record an increase in infractions both of curfew like even the home quarantines set by trackers to avoid contagion.

With a incidence accumulated Covid-19 of more than double the national average (277 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), with 615 Y 530 positives, respectively, Elda and Petrer have been closed since last November 7 for any entry or exit from the municipality and the Generalitat Valenciana has extended this perimeter closure until next December 4.

The most serious outbreak of last weekend in this Autonomous Community has been detected precisely in Elda, with 10 new positives.

Balance of 151 fines

The Local Police of both municipalities have processed 28 and 32 sanctions respectively for breaches related to the curfew or the closure of the town in the last week, in the first case, and at the weekend, in the second.

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During the first weeks of mobility restrictions, the Eldenses agents who have been in charge of controlling the accesses and exits of the city in two points have imposed a total of 151 fines.

Since last Monday and until this Sunday, the fines have risen to 14 for breaching the perimeter confinement and nine for not respecting the regional confinement, in addition to another five for not carrying mask Y drink on the street.

To these sanctions must be added the detention from three people: one of them for a crime against public health, being intercepted in a control with 65.3 grams of cocaína, and two others for pending search and arrest warrants.

In the case of Petrer, the Local Police have drawn up 32 sanction records for breaches of perimeter and security measures during the weekend, the one with the highest number of incidents recorded for skipping the perimeter or for breaching security measures how to wear a mask or not keep interpersonal distance, according to the City Council.

This Monday a new telematic meeting of the Integrated Operational Coordination Center (Cecopi) was held, in which the police officers of the different security forces participate, as well as the local police of Petrer and Elda and the mayors of both towns.

“In general terms, it has been a quiet weekend, although we have had a considerable increase in the number of acts for non-compliance with any of the decreed measures,” the mayoress of Petrer, Irene Navarro, who a few days ago had already requested air support with drones for surveillance on weekends, due to his fear of private parties and breaches of the perimeter closure.

Thus, the commissar of the Local Police, Antonio Amorós, has exposed to the members of Cecopi that during the weekend a total of 32 minutes have been drawn up, when the usual thing during these last weeks was below ten.

The causes are mostly concentrated in neighbors who have skipped the perimeter without a just cause, but sanctions have also been issued for not wearing a mask, not keeping interpersonal distance and not keeping the minimum distance between tables on the terraces of hospitality establishments.

Home isolation

The Petrer health center also made an appeal to the population on Monday after detecting cases of breach of the home confinement ordered by trackers, in the third week of perimeter closure of the town next to the neighbor of Elda due to the accumulated incidence.

Despite the recommendations, there are cases of people who “neglect” or breach the confinement when it should be kept. “It is extremely important to listen to trackers and follow their directions, be it staying at home or otherwise. Not respecting the home confinement of diagnosed O close contacts It is very dangerous because it can cause a new spread of infections, “warns the coordinator of the clinic, Manuel Cano.

Although “not a general issue”, these cases are of particular concern to health professionals because “it causes enormous distress when someone skips quarantine.” This forces five or ten more people to be monitored, thereby “multiplying work that would be unnecessary and putting the health of citizens at risk.”

For example, they come across cases of families who “get desperate when you tell them that apart from the scheduled ten days they have to stay another ten more,” they explain from the health center. “When we tell someone to stay at home, it is because it is necessary and essential,” emphasizes the nursing coordinator of the Petrer 1 center. Mª José Flores.

Faced with this situation, the councilor of Health, Juana Ochoa, calls for an exercise of responsibility to the residents of Petrer, warning that “the toilets are taking care of us and their instructions, which are essential to control this situation, are not always being followed.”

As the Ministry of Health recalls, the early detection of all cases compatible with Covid-19 is one of the key points to control the transmission of the virus. Among them are people who, although they have not had a positive PCR result (not yet) show symptoms, have had close contact with a confirmed patient. The tests are done at the Elda Hospital.

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