Vox appears as a popular accusation to denounce threats against Marlaska, Iglesias and Gámez



Vox will be presented as a popular accusation to denounce the alleged threats that the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias and the director of the Civil Guard, María, have received in the last hours Gamez.

In the Twitter account of Abascal’s party they wrote: «VOX is going to denounce these alleged threats by appearing as a popular accusation. We want the police and judicial investigation to determine who or who are the authors of these letters».

This morning in the debate organized by Candena Ser, Pablo Iglesias left a few minutes after starting, after Rocío Monastery, the Vox candidate for the presidency of Madrid, cast doubt on the veracity of these threats.

“We Spaniards no longer believe anything about the Government, they have deceived us from the beginning of the pandemic over and over again, deceit after deceit, we are tired of being systematically deceived. I don’t believe in Pablo Iglesias, every time we see something that Pablo Iglesias says, we question itHe has deceived us, ”Monastery had said.

Iglesias has considered “extremely serious that a political force that openly apologizes for the dictatorship calls into question that we have received those bullets.” Before the debate in La Ser, in an interview with TVE, Iglesias has assured that they were considering not participate again in a debate where Vox was. “It is unacceptable and we are going to rethink being in any space with Vox. If they cast doubt on a terrorist threat, it is further proof that they are not a democratic force.

The threats

The threats have been reported to police stations. In the case of Grande-Marlaska, the letter was received this Thursday at the Ministry’s headquarters with a postmark dated April 19.

Inside there was a writing that read verbatim: You have 10 days to resign. The time to laugh at us is over. National Police, Civil Guard. Time is against you for the pops ». Inside were two unimpaired cartridges of caliber 7.62×51.

The director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, received the letter on Thursday denouncing these events to the Central Operational Unit (UCO). The envelope was received by his Dispatch secretary in the early afternoon and contained within it an anonymous threatening note with a 7.62mm caliber cartridge.

The leader of Podemos and candidate for the Community of Madrid has also been sent a letter of these characteristics this morning through offices of the Ministry of the Interior. Inside were two bullets from the Cetme-type rifle, as confirmed by sources from this formation. Iglesias will also denounce these events.

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