«Vox wants to impose the Castilian and the BNG the Galician; the PP, in the center, in the middle »




The defense of bilingualism understood as a balanced coexistence of Castilian and Galician, Galician and Castilian, does not like Galician nationalism. This Wednesday the platform We want Galician! promoted a rally at the PPdeG headquarters in Santiago under the slogan “Never again rule against or galego!”, after accusing the popular on social networks of trying to “further reduce the presence of Galician in the classrooms” for their rejection of the Celáa Law. A pressure movement coinciding with the press conference given by the number two of the party in Galicia, Miguel Tellado.

Asked about it by ABC, Tellado reflected: «The extremes always touch. On the one hand, Vox is demonstrating to impose Spanish as the only language of use in our country. On the other side are the nationalists. In the case of the Galician nationalists, they demonstrate to impose that all citizens use Galician as the only language. “Faced” with extremes, he stressed, “is the PP, in the center, in the middle, in balance, defending an equilibrium represented by the harmonious bilingualism».

Nationalist demonstration called before the headquarters of the PPdeG in Santiago this Wednesday
Nationalist demonstration called before the headquarters of the PPdeG in Santiago this Wednesday – MIGUEL MUÑIZ

«We defend that languages ​​are a wealth for our country. Being able to know them, use them freely, is something that we constantly demand. We defend that both Galician and Spanish are vehicular in education in Galicia». Hence the opposition to the so-called Celáa Law, baptized by the minister who has promoted it, the socialist and former Basque councilor with Urkullu, Isabel Celáa, who “has to explain why this transfer to the nationalists” to corner Castilian. The feeling at the PPdeG? «Allow certain autonomous communities to deepen in that linguistic immersion»Which in Catalonia« prevents many Catalans from learning and expressing themselves in Spanish ».

«We don’t want that for Galicia. We defend the freedom of use of languages ​​and citizens to be able to express themselves in the language they consider, “he added.

Budgets: good for secessionism

Tellado appeared after a new biweekly meeting with representatives of the Galician PP in the Spanish Cortes and the European Parliament, focused on the battle to redirect some General Budgets, of the two-headed government PSOE-Podemos, who mark “Historical minimums” for Galicia.

«Budgets that they take 300 million euros from Galicia they serve Bildu, ERC, PSOE, but in no case to the PP; They don’t serve us, ”Tellado rejected. And while, the BNG, in no man’s land: «They don’t take it into account. The pact of Ana and Adriana (…) was going to be vital for Galicia »but« it is nothing more than (…) wet paper », he pointed out.

The PP, through a one hundred partial amendments, tries to reverse the comparative grievance for Galicia with respect to communities such as Catalonia, awarded with an increase of 50% to satisfy its independence partners. With the amendments presented, the popular ones want to provide funds to infrastructures “forgotten” by Pedro Sánchez, in addition to other projects; a list that includes the intermodal roads of Orense or Santiago, the improvements to the accesses in La Coruña, Vigo and Pontevedra, or the auction of the A-74, the funds to build an AOR ship in the Ferrol shipyards or a specific item for the Xacobeo 2021.

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