Waiting for the Government and Parliament to also freeze their salaries




We will have to hope that in the Parliament of Navarra and in the Provincial Executive, the same groups apply the same criteria that apply in the Pamplona City Council. Navarra Sum and opposition groups, at the proposal of the PSN, have unanimously agreed not to increase the salaries of freely appointed positions by 0.9%. However, the General Budgets of Navarra, agreed between PSN Y eh Bildu, they contemplate the same increase of 0.9% for senior government officials (the majority of free designation) and for the parliamentarians.

Someone, in Navarra At least, it should explain to the citizen that he is suffering from the crisis of Covid-19, after having barely emerged from the previous crisis of 2006; how and why their salary does not rise, but falls or disappears and those who govern this community do believe they have the right to increase it, public positions paid with the contributions of all citizens and that they should “solve” these crises, or at least try , and not complicate them or make them worse, or get money from where there is none and less for their own salaries, already more than sufficiently remunerated.

We will have to wait if in the Parliament and in the Government of Navarra, the PSN and those who govern with him, apply the same standard as in the Pamplona City Council. In the previous economic crisis, at least until 2012, in Navarra Yes, salary freezing measures were applied in the administration, also to high positions and even salary reductions that then affected even the civil servants themselves, down to the lowest salary levels.


In the case of Pamplona City Council, the PSN has presented a declaration in the presidential commission to freeze the salaries of the positions of free appointment and has referred to make this proposal to that, on November 24, the mayor Enrique Maya “He unilaterally announced his proposal to freeze the salaries of councilors.” The PSNIn his proposal, he indicates that this decision is not the responsibility of the mayor and “that he needs a majority endorsement in a plenary session in which he does not have a majority.” They also add that the initiative of Enrique Maya is an “advantageous and propagandist” for having done it “the day after UPN, in which he is vice president, “decided to oppose and criticize the decision of the Parliament of Navarra of raising the salary to public office by 0.9%, as will be done with public workers “of the Autonomous Community. But some are public workers and others are public offices and many of them are freely appointed both in the Pamplona City Council and other municipalities, as in the Government of Navarra.

Add the PSN, in his proposal in the presidential commission of Pamplona, what “Enrique Maya knows, perfectly well, that the salaries of public officials is a decision that is usually debated and agreed upon by consensus in the Board of Spokespersons. ” PSN In addition, he insists in his writing that Maya is trying to get “partisan revenue” and points out that “he is cheating” because “by proposing Maya to freeze only the salary of councilors, he is trying to ensure that said freeze does not affect the large number of public offices free designation of Navarra Sum“. The PSN comes to compare to Enrique Maya with the still president of United States, at the expense of being definitively replaced, and the Socialists assure that Maya “only withdrew in its day a proposal that charges from Navarra Suma, who attended the councils of municipal companies during working hours, be charged per diem, because she saw the” solidity of the political majority against him and the social and media rejection he encountered. “And” for all this, the PSN has proposed and thus has been agreed, literally: “in order to make it clear who will be affected by the salary freeze proposed by Mayor Maya, the plenary session of the City Council agrees: That in 2021 the salary of councilors and the of the positions of free municipal appointment “. So it is to be expected that this same policy will be applied to the Government of Navarra and the Parliament of Navarra, in the coming days. Logical, it would be. The proposal has been presented by the PSN and has had the support of Collect y Geroa Yes and of Navarra Sum.

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