Walk-in vaccination for laggards exceeds expectations




Total immunity as a target. For this, the Xunta opened the door on Saturday to be vaccinated to anyone who was not so far: with only the Sergas card, the NIE or the registration certificate, Galicians or residents in Galicia can approach any center vaccination without having to make an appointment. A total of 9,627 people were inoculated yesterday taking advantage of the first day of this campaign. Of them, 6,887 did not have an appointment and 2,740 did.

Although one could assume otherwise, the vaccination centers took in many more people who did not have any dose than one might imagine: «There are more people than we thought without an appointment», Assured with surprise Paula Boga, one of the coordinators of the center of the Santiago area in the Cidade da Cultura and Supervisor of Preventive Medicine of the CHUS. However, they were not «overwhelmed“, Because he noted that they had” the capacity to serve many more people “than had arrived. According to Sergas, 1,081 people were vaccinated in the City of Culture, of which 640 did not have an appointment.

The queue there was made up of hundreds of people: while in the line of people who had been summoned there were, above all, young people, the profile of those who waited to register without an appointment was more heterogeneous, as well as the causes that had led them up there.

Waiting were various foreigners, as in the case of the marriage formed by Franco Sortino and Marvelia Antiveros: he, Italian; she, a Venezuelan, had not been cited due to the delay in processing the health documents. As Antiveros is registered in Santiago, he was finally able to get vaccinated on Saturday.

Boga explained that many of the people who came yesterday by self-appointment did so because Sergas did not have their data correctly. This is the case of Moisés Méndez: “I had been left behind due to a mistake, they had my phone number and my address wrong”, After trying to correct these data for weeks – by age, they should have vaccinated him three months ago -, he did not make his appointment.

Confined people

Another very repeated circumstance among the unvaccinated is the coincidence of the appointment with a quarantine. Either by direct contact or by contagion, citizens who go through the confinement cannot go out to get vaccinated.

Celia Brandariz, 15, had the illness three weeks ago. Days after confirming his positive, an SMS with his appointment arrived on his mobile: of course, could not go out to inoculate the vaccine. Now, his mother explains, in addition to giving him the first dose, they are going to ask if a second is necessary. In fact, the self-appointment service is designed for people who received none: “We cannot know what vaccine patients have. Here we have PfizerBut if the first injection was with Moderna, it cannot be done, ”explained the coordinator.

In the case of Chema Martínez, the young man had an appointment for Friday, “but for work reasons,” when he arrived at 2:30 p.m., they no longer put the dose. Luckily, the opening of the walk-in vaccination “coincided” well with him, so she only had to wait a day to get immunized.

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