Walking the Camino del Cid through Guadalajara through QR codes




The company in charge of the revision and conservation of the hiking and mountain biking signs of the Camino del Cid has resumed work in the province of Guadalajara, specifically, in the Alto Tajo area. These actions will allow the incorporation of important new features compared to previous campaigns, such as the installation of QR codes that will link to the information published on its website.

Among the interventions planned for these days, the replacement of a series of signs in the area of ​​Teroleja and of several beacons on the BTT section between Megina and Chequilla that they had disappeared, the organization reported in a press release, which intends to undertake around 2,450 interventions along 1,400 kilometers of the route.

And, after detecting that some travelers were disoriented when changing the color of the signage, which varies depending on the type of path that is being traveled, new posters will be installed to avoid any confusion. Likewise, and given that there are a series of sections or conflictive points on the route -explained and georeferenced in the cartographic viewer of the Camino del Cid website- warning signs will be installed with a QR code that will link directly to the information published in website where these points are reported.

On the other hand, a specific urban signaling has been designed that will be installed in some locations on the route. Although the vast majority of the planned interventions will be paint marks, vitolas, vinyls, labeled stakes, directional beacons and plates will also be installed. The latter will incorporate, together with the corporate image of the Camino del Cid Consortium, the logo of each county council in their respective provinces.

Likewise, and in those points where it is necessary, plates with two crossed stripes in the shape of a cross will be installed that will indicate that the direction taken is incorrect.

All these actions will be reinforced with the adaptation and improvement of roads and with the repair of those deteriorated signs that are found along the route.

To date, the hiking and mountain biking signage of the Camino del Cid in the provinces of Burgos and Soria has already been reviewed. Since the first campaign began in 2011, nearly 24,000 interventions have been carried out.

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