“We already gave away our music on Spotify, giving away concerts would be the last straw”



For Enrique BunburyAs for the Beatles at the time, there has come a time when studio work is more exhilarating than an international tour. Yesterday, at the presentation conference «Intensive levitation course», his new album, ABC asked him if he shared, to a greater or lesser extent, the reflection on this matter made by Glenn Gould, the pianist who made the variations of Bach: “When I was young, it made sense to play live. But there came a time when it became nonsense, because there is nothing where less imagination is cast than in a concert. You have to play the same songs, practically the same way, until they are exhausted. That doesn’t interest me. “I am increasingly concerned about the interpretation of a handful of songs over many months, repeatedly”replied the handy musician. «Now I’m preparing a tour, and even if I only play the songs on the new album, interpreting them for seventy, eighty times, well … there has come a time when I have thought that I can do shorter tours, and I always leave happier to stage”. Even so, the former Heroes del Silencio assures: «When I go up on stage the nonsense runs out, feeling the pleasure of communicating with the public, and what we musicians create, by making songs that move people who have come to see us. But when I’m at home for a long time, I realize that I could go on like this.

Bunbury will present his new work with a streaming concert, which will be paid for one reason: “We already gave away our music on Spotify, giving away concerts would be the last straw”, says the artist, who will only give this one show for another reason: “This is not like tours, in which each city goes to see the people of that city and surroundings. Now, all the people on the planet who want to see you streaming can do it at the same time, so it doesn’t make sense to give more than one concert. We have tried to do it in such a way that a promoter would commit to making it reach all countries, to have a stage in conditions with lights, rehearsals, the entire band, all the technicians. It’s going to be like a normal concert at the Wizink Center in Madrid, or the Luna Park in Buenos Aires, or the National Auditorium in Mexico.

Regarding the situation of paralysis of the direct industry, Bunbury seems to share the blame between the coronavirus and the governments. “Culture is cutting off our wings. You have to fill the fridge, and we are at a critical point. The concerts were the way to fill the fridge, and the fact that they put us out of work complicates the situation». The panorama is so black that he said in a mysterious tone: “I hope I can record another album.” But just a few minutes later, he assured his interlocutors online that he believes he is “in the middle” of his career.

Talking about confinement, Bunbury he joked that for the first time he had “enjoyed aphonia”Since on the road, caring for your voice becomes an obsession of the most excessive. «You are all day monitoring the environment so that your voice does not get annoyed. You get on a plane and ask that the air conditioning be lowered, in a car that the windows be raised, all the time that if scarf up, scarf down, because aphonia is a nightmare for a singer who is on tour. But at home, when I have become hoarse, I have enjoyed it. Also being able to go days without having to change my clothes. I have had a week in which I have changed a little, at home they used to see me go by like this, as if asking for silver paper … but in case anyone has doubts, at the concert we are not going to go out in pajamas playing in the living room , with acoustic guitars. It is not a home stream, they are going to see a real concert ».

Bunbury confessed that his new album would not have existed if there had not been a global pandemic, and explained some details that show that the lyrics have been inspired by everything that is happening. With the consequent risk of decontextualization for the album. «I think that musicians want our records to stand the test of time, but whatever we do, the weather is going to be very hard on all of us. As much as we want to make universal songs and have readings over the decades, Elvis Presley, who is the great interpreter of the fifties, the King of Rock and Roll, is an artist that 15-year-old boys or these new generations hardly listen to. , because you don’t feel that connection. That our songs are universal and last decades is practically impossible. So once the defeat is accepted, the defeat to which Paul McCartney is also destined, I believe that what we have left is through reflecting the moment we live in, trying to reach universality and timelessness ».

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