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Literally, the change from the old Virgen de la Salud hospital to the new University Hospital of the Toledo capital located in the Santa María de Benquerencia neighborhood is, according to the popular saying, “like going from night to day.” This was acknowledged to ABC yesterday by Dr. María Angustias Marquina, head of the Rehabilitation service, who has gone from being located for years in a basement to having more modern facilities in all services and many more spacious at street level, with daylight streaming through their windows.

“We are delighted to be the first service to move from the Virgen de la Salud to this new center,” Dr. Marquina acknowledged with enthusiasm nothing simulated, even if this involves some initial inconvenience until the entire transfer is completed. In this sense, the head of the service specified that since it is a progressive transfer, some procedures will undoubtedly be corrected.

“We are the first and we will have to complete the entire service, but we love that we are what can be called a pilot service that serves as a test so that the rest of the services that are arriving have the path done. But when it comes to ourselves, we have improved a lot. For this reason, the person in charge of Rehabilitation also sent a message of encouragement to the rest of the hospital colleagues who will move to the new facilities over the next few months.

“A transfer like this is something very complex, but all the services are going to improve a lot, so I send you my encouragement,” he said, gathering the feelings of the rest of the professionals in this Rehabilitation department. Although yes, there is still no cafeteria service, which will be moved a little later, and for now they have to be served as a snack from the automatic coffee machines and other products.

Maria, the first

María is the name of the woman who, for now a bit anonymously, has been the first patient to be treated by this service on a historic date for the health of the province, November 30, 2020, a year in addition to It will be unforgettable due to the serious crisis of the coronavirus.

María, a resident of the capital of Toledo, arrived early in the morning yesterday at the facilities of the new hospital, a little confused by the size of it, like the rest of the approximately 80 patients who were treated yesterday. There she learned that she was the first to have that historical role of being the first patient treated, in this case in one of the usual consultations by Dr. Marquina.

Little by little, the arrival of users was normalizing, since everything is planned by the admission service, careful to ensure that everything flowed normally. “Everything has been done without any incident, apart from the fact that in this new hospital everything is very well marked,” he said.

Access to the new facilities, located at street level on the side of the new HUT, will be made from Río Guadiana street, in the case of pedestrians, and if it is by car, accessing through one of the entrances enabled for vehicles to the car park located on the surface of the new sanitary building.

Another of the protagonists of yesterday’s session was the manager of the Toledo University Hospital Complex, Dr. Juan Blas, who stated that “this is the beginning of a new era and it is the result of the great effort made for many years. It is a joy to see that this is already beginning to work progressively. He was precisely the one in charge of receiving Maria.

Regarding teaching, the service has one resident doctor per year and a second position has recently been authorized. He also teaches undergraduate students of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, among other activities.

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