“We are used to being mistreated in Madrid”, warns the president of Madrid businessmen




The General State Budgets with the highest spending in history are also not exempt from controversy in the territorial section this year. Catalonia it will once again take over investments and will be watered with up to twice the funds of Madrid, the region that contributes the most to the national GDP. Exactly, 2,430 million will be transferred to the Catalan region, for the 1,151 that the capital will receive.

A disparity that has not been well received by Madrid businessmen who are not ‘surprised’ by this distribution. “We have been used to Madrid for a few years to be mistreated by this government. It is demonstrated in the declarations and in acts such as the Budget ”, qualifies the president of the Business Confederation of Madrid-CEOE (CEIM), Miguel Garrido.

On the other hand, the business sector, also looks with distrust the fulfillment of the macroeconomic picture and the income forecast that the Executive has set for next year. “They are made on the basis of reckless accounts,” the president of the Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE (CEIM), Miguel Garrido.

“Are some PGE expansive in which there are many expenses that will end up being recurring and that will lead us to chronify the deficit. It is a very important problem that Spain has and that at some point we have to get involved », abounds in the leader of Madrid businessmen who believes that the Government will comply with the expenses section, but not the income section. “And if it is achieved, it will be under more tax pressure, contrary to what SMEs, freelancers and companies need at the moment.”

Garrido believes that the collection objective will not be met because “we are far from having overcome the crisis of the pandemic and the income expected from the increase in activity we think that it will not be met” and warns that if taxation is increased “the competitiveness of Spanish companies will be further stifled».

Business representatives also lash out at the Social Security collection model. «Pensions will be paid in 2022 75% by contributions and 25% with taxes … At this rate, the extraordinary budget allocation will be 50% of total pension spending. We no longer only contribute to have a pension, we also pay plus taxes for this purpose, “he added. the vice president of CEOE and president of ATA,Lorenzo Love.

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