“We cannot put a policeman in every house”




The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has defended that the measures to prevent the spread of the virus at Christmas are “very drastic”, but their success will depend on citizen responsibility because what happens in all homes cannot be controlled.

“We cannot put a policeman in every house,” Illa stressed in the presentation of the Christmas Ministry’s advertising campaign for a safe Christmas.

He has guaranteed that the measures for Christmas are “adjusted to reality” so as “not to squander what has been achieved with so much effort”, but he has acknowledged that they can be modified if the evolution of the pandemic is bad.

“On a day like today we have to put more emphasis on complying with the measures we agreed upon than on thinking about new measures. They are very drastic measures,” Illa asserted.

The head of Health has stressed that the measures agreed with the autonomous communities (limitation of ten people in meetings on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, time limit at 1:30 and prohibition of travel except for family members) are “mandatory”.

Therefore, there will be random mobility controls, as there have been in the Constitution bridge, but Illa has called for individual responsibility.

“You do not play with the covid, let us be careful,” said the minister, who recalled that the most important outbreaks of covid-19 are occurring in the social and family sphere because it is where citizens feel more relaxed and have less sense of danger

The minister has assured that the Spanish population “will have a very positive response” to the vaccination against covid-19, since the vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency will be safe and effective and will have the ” guarantee of the European regulatory framework “.

Illa has recognized that it will be necessary to explain well that vaccines have saved lives and that this vaccine will also save lives, a communication that will be oriented both to citizens and health professionals.

The minister has stressed that the vaccines administered in Spain and in Europe have received many resources for their research.

In addition, he highlighted that flu vaccination has increased by 40% this year, especially among health professionals – in some autonomous communities this group has been vaccinated by up to 80% -, which he considers a good omen for the response of citizens to the anticovid vaccine.

“It is normal for citizens to want to make sure and know all the details of the vaccine, but we have every confidence that the vaccination campaign will have a very positive acceptance rate,” he said.

Regarding the distribution of antibody tests in pharmacies for self-diagnosis, Illa has indicated that we must be cautious because they are not at all “a security passport” and their positive result must be confirmed by a PCR from a health center.

As for the protocols that different communities have transferred to the Ministry of Health, they are being studied and a decision is expected to be adopted throughout this week.

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