“We support the proposal of the President of the Generalitat”




The Government is very comfortable with the fact that there are obvious and sound divisions in the Government of the Generalitat. It allows them to settle into a contemplative position of events in which to insist on their desire for dialogue. And blame any brake in the process on the clash between the pro-independence partners.

Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the dialogue table. Despite the pulse of Junts selecting for the same Jordi Turull and Jordi Sànchez. In La Moncloa they are very satisfied with the response of the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès. They did not expect anything else, they say. It was agreed with them that the delegations had to be, yes or yes, made up of members comprising both executives.

The Government Spokesperson, Isabel rodriguez, has not wanted in the first place to make an assessment of the delegation offered by the Generalitat of Catalonia. But then he has made it clear that the names raised by Junts were not acceptable. “Absolutely not”He said when asked if the Government would sit in the meeting if those names had been kept. «The framework has always been that of two working delegations from both governments. We do not understand another framework. We support the proposal of the President of the Generalitat ”, he said.

The Government defends that only Aragonès is the person entitled to decide which people attend the appointment. From here on, the Government relies on the president’s decision and ensures that his position does not change if finally the table only represents ERC on the part of the Generalitat. And it points to a very long process: «Nor is it hidden that it is a situation that has been tense in the last ten years. The Government has wanted to redirect. Today we are better than yesterday. And better than a year ago in Catalonia ».

In the absence of specifying time details, tomorrow they will meet first Pedro Sanchez and Pere Aragonès at the Palau de la Generalitat. Later they will appear at a time yet to be determined. And then both delegations will meet.

After this first meeting, subsequent work by the Government will be coordinated by the Minister of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños. The Government insists that its roadmap will be the “Reunion Agenda” that Pedro Sánchez already presented to Quim Torra in February 2020. The objective is to go over the issues that the independentists will raise and focus on post-pandemic economic issues : “Catalonia cannot be left out of the recovery of our country.”

This claim is reached with the recent fiasco of failure in the expansion of El Prat. The Government has shown today that this question is not going to be taken up again: “There is nothing more to add. Sorry jobs were broken. It was a great one that would have needed a great consensus. We have not succeeded.

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