“We want Griezmann to be the player he was”




The Champions League returns to Wanda Metropolitano, tomorrow Atlético-Oporto (21.00, Movistar L. Campeones) which opens the group stage, and with the best competition the habits of a certain normality return. There will be an audience, the press conferences are face-to-face … Simeone spoke as usual, without leaving match by match.

Difficult lineups. «I have not changed in the way I do them, I have always taken time to think, I end up solving beyond what we train in the week before the game and I do not change. In the morning on the day of the game, around 10 o’clock, I finish closing my thoughts, with the squad we have, I always handle myself the same way ».

The Porto. «Conceicao is a friend, a coach who has been doing well for years. We coincide in Lazio. He is giving the team game and personality in these years and I do not expect anything other than what I have seen in Portugal or Europe, intensity, a lot of aggressiveness, pressure in the rival field, speed in his game, with clear positions on how to find numerical superiority to harm…”.

Very powerful template. «I am repetitive but I do not think beyond the game tomorrow. The road is walking, tomorrow begins, we know the competition and the difficulties that are going to be there. There is balance in the area where we are going to compete, to think about tomorrow ».

Flatten Griezmann. «Beyond imbalances, there was little speed, little intensity and pressure in the whole team against Spanish, that is why the first half was not what we were looking for, that Griezmann is the footballer who always was, with talent, hierarchy, goal. We will have to work on it, like all colleagues, and be prepared for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

League Champion in the Champions League. «I focus more than anything on the competition, which is very tough, strong, where every mistake is paid. To adjust as much as possible in each game, focusing on the next game, the rest will come ».

Points in the end, Atlético flower? “No, the matches last until the referee whistles the end, anything can happen on 4 ‘or 99.”

Great squad, and the coach? «I was judged from the first day I arrived, how can it not be done now. Criticism and opinion must be there, I have no commitment to anyone, I want the team and the club to win, I will do what I think is best to make it go well.

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