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Web Summit starts its expansion as a multinational of the world technology conferences as the most important on the planet. This was announced by the director of the influential appointment, the Irishman Paddy Cosgrave, from the summit that this edition is broadcast over the internet from Lisbon.

The leading meeting on the digital economy is scheduled to hold a face-to-face edition again in the Portuguese capital next year, when probably the five continents will feel the positive effects of the coronavirus vaccine. And, already in 2022, three “franchises” of the parent company will start, turned into a guarantee of stratospheric success: one in September settled in Tokyo (for a period of five years) and two in Brazil as yet undated, specifically in Rio de Janeiro and Portalegre.

This circumstance means that, in the style of what happened with the Canadian theater company Le Cirque du Soleil, there will be several management teams of the Web Summit operating all over the world simultaneously. And all while fulfilling the 10-year contract that links the gigantic meeting with the cradle of fado, since its deployment on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean will, in principle, span until 2028.

So much so that they already plan some novelties for their physical return to Parque das Naçoes, next to the one that hosted Expo’98 … because Cosgrave does not want to leave any detail to chance and knows that, year after year, he has to surprise his thousands of acolytes if he wants to grow and grow.

The benefits for Lisbon, converted into a city of new technologies, are evident. However, voices are raised that question the local subsidy policy that the Web Summit has supported since it landed in southern Europe.

Son 11 million euros per year those agreed in the agreement stipulated with the Socialist City Council headed by Fernando Medina, but why has that amount not been lowered if this time it has not been organized in the International Fair building, next to the Vasco da Gama shopping center and very close of the bridge that communicates with Almada and other neighboring municipalities? Why has the cancellation of the face-to-face appointment not led to a decrease in its financing claims?

The controversy is served in Portugal, where the transnational desire of Paddy Cosgrave does not sit very well either because it is interpreted that it can mean a “flirtation” with other countries. The misgivings were unleashed when he himself said these words: “Japan is the perfect country to host another Web Summit. For decades, it has been a global leader in innovation and has built some of the most advanced and sophisticated technological gadgets we use today.

José Mourinho, awarded

Meanwhile, this atypical Web Summit presented the Innovation in Sports award to the Portuguese soccer coach Jose Mourinho, the same one that many Spanish fans miss now that Real Madrid suffers a severe crisis.

As the coach currently works in London, where he directs Tottenham, the award (telematics) was delivered from Lisbon by the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, who noted: “Mourinho’s levels of excellence include technology and scientific knowledge because he has become one of the most innovative coaches and with the most titles in the world, as many as 25 important trophies won ». He was referring to his dispersed career among teams such as Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid or Manchester United.

The second day of the Web Summit, which ends this Friday, December 4 (at the end of the day), also saw the triumphal landing of Xiang Wang, president of the Chinese giant Xiaomi, catapulted to third place in the sale of mobile phones in the world. And it is that the executive boasted of having surpassed Apple.

This circumstance means that there is no longer any US operator in the “top 3”, as the Korean Samsung remains the first (with 22% market share and 80 million units sold), followed by the Chinese Huawei (14.1 % and 51.8 million devices) and now from Xiaomi (12.1% and 44.4 million phones shipped).

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