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Although they have not managed to bring Madrid and Catalonia to the cause, the Interterritorial Health Council has agreed on the measurements for this Christmas. There will be mobility restrictions (although they provide generous exceptions), capacity limitations and, of course, curfews. Here we detail the pact reached between autonomous communities point by point.

Will I be able to leave my autonomous community?

The Health Agreement establishes that between December 23 and January 6 you will not be able to leave except for those «displacements to territories that are the place of habitual residence of relatives or close friends of the displaced person». Having said this, the agreement gives power to each autonomous community to decide whether to limit this exception to specific days. In other words, it may be the case that an autonomous community is open on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve but closes the rest of the days.

The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are exempt from this rule.

How many people can there be at the table?

Never more than ten people. And no distinction is made between minors or people over 13-14 years of age as is the case in other countries. The agreement establishes that «encounters with family or friends to celebrate Christmas lunches and dinners on December 24, 25 and 31, 2020 and January 1, 2021 » cannot exceed ten people. And there it stays. “In any case – he adds – it is recommended that these meetings be made up of members who belong to the same coexistence group.”

Will there be a curfew?

Yes, only that he gets up on the most important days (nights from December 24 to 25 and from December 31 to January 1) until 1:30 a.m.. And an important nuance added by Health: “In no case will this extension of the hours be used to travel to different social meetings.”

Will the chimes or the Cavalcade be held?

The document states, verbatim, that “the autonomous communities and cities, in exercise of their own powers, they will not allow the celebration of face-to-face events with high influx public, unless compliance with the provisions of the document ‘Recommendations for mass events and activities in the context of the new normality due to Covid-19 in Spain is guaranteed’ “. In this way, once the health authority has assessed the transmission risks, Celebrations may be held in which compliance with hygiene and prevention regulations is guaranteed: static parades in places where access can be controlled, virtual bells or broadcasts of Christmas events on television (or other telematic options).

And the Misa del Gallo?

The pact establishes that “religious ceremonies in closed spaces will respect the capacity norms established in each autonomous community and city.” It is recommended to avoid songs -recurring instead the use of prerecorded music- and physical displays of devotion or tradition (kisses, contact on images, sculptures, etc.) -substituting them with others that do not entail a health risk-. Of the celebration of events such as the Misa del Gallo, however, says that «it will not be an obstacle [obstáculo] for compliance with the regulation on the limitation of the freedom of movement of people at night». For this reason, it is recommended to offer telematic or television services as an alternative.

Will I be able to continue going to bars, restaurants and terraces?

Yes. The agreement says that hospitality establishments «will follow the rules of capacity and prevention, as well as the rest of the restrictions in force in each community and autonomous city. In particular, indoors, adequate natural or mechanical ventilation shall be guaranteed. ‘ It is also recommended to reinforce the message of using the mask when not eating or drinking, as well as avoiding eating from the same plate.

What will happen to Christmas shopping?

They can be done but with caution. Shops and shopping streets will respect the capacity foreseen in each region, ensuring the maintenance of interpersonal safety distance. In any case, Health recommends the population to organize their purchases in advance to avoid large crowds in streets and shopping centers.

Will it be possible to take a relative out of a residence to celebrate Christmas with him?

Yes, it is not prohibited, although you have to be careful. “It is recommended that, in those cases in which residents of residential social health centers make a longer outing for Christmas celebrations, these are restricted to a single address and maintaining a stable coexistence bubble“, Says the document, which adds that on his return” it is advisable to carry out a diagnostic test for active infection and the days after re-admission surveillance and prevention measures will be taken to the extreme. “

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