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On June 1, the new ITV that all drivers must pass in Spain. Among the great novelties to be completed for all vehicles that have to go through the mandatory inspection are: ABS, rear view mirrors, a new administrative check and Brexit.

Sistema ABS

Any vehicle that carries a sistema ABS it has to work properly. In the event of a failure, it will be considered a serious and not a minor offense. This electronic system is what prevents the brakes from locking. It is not mandatory to wear it, but the vehicle that carries it will have to function correctly.

Rear view mirrors

Any vehicle that carries a rear-view mirror that it is badly attached and that it can come off during the journey will be considered serious. The ITV operator will be the one who considers that the mirrors are correctly positioned.

Administrative checks

From now on you can also check the data of the registration certificate through the RGeneral Minister of Vehicles of the DGT, in the event that it is not presented by the user at the ITV station.

UK Vehicles

Having abandoned the United Kingdom the European Union, all vehicles that want to register in Spain from December 31, 2020 will be considered coming from third countries and not belonging to the European Economic Area. In this way, all necessary import procedures must be carried out.

The penalties for not passing the ITV correctly

The Spanish Association of Collaborating Entities of the Administration in the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECA-ITV) reports that there are currently more than two and a half million vehicles that circulate with the ITV without passing and without insurance. For this reason, the sanctions will be toughened for these reasons. It will go from being a serious infraction to a very serious one.

All drivers who do not pass the ITV can be sanctioned with a fine of between 200 or 500 euros. The sanctions will depend on the case in which the ITV has not been passed.

–IV expired: If a vehicle circulates or not and does not have the latest ITV in order, it faces a fine of 200 euros and the immediate obligation to pass it.

–ITV unfavorable: when the inspection is not favorable and serious defects are detected, permission is given to go to a workshop and fix the defects and within two months must return to the station to be able to pass it. If it is not fulfilled there is a penalty of 200 euros.

–ITV negative: is the case in which a vehicle has very serious defects. This must leave the station by means of a crane to go to a repair place and return to the ITV station within a maximum period of two months. This can lead to a penalty of 500 euros.

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