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The rumors of infidelity of Iván Rubio to Lola have given a lot to talk about during their time on the reality show of ‘Survivors’. But far from disappearing, the former contestant faces another alleged disloyalty from her partner.

Thus, Lola reappeared this Monday live in the ‘Summer Program‘to talk about a alleged infidelity that his partner would have starred in one of the pubs he usually frequents in Benidorm. And it is that the program itself has had access to episode.

Thus, the journalist of the ‘Summer Program’ revealed that “the girl did not go to Iván’s house, she did not feel like it and gave him an excuse that he had no clothes to spend the night away from home. Ivan told him not to worry, that he was willing to leave her clothes for the night». Some statements in which the former contestant wanted to pronounce on the matter: «It seems that it is a fashion to go out and say that they have seen my boyfriend with a girl. I talk to him all the time, even when he’s partying, so I don’t understand these things. He has a hard time, and so does his family », answered the Leonese forcefully.

Lola at all times defended her boyfriend and downplayed it: «I’m already so used to this, to send me messages on Instagram telling me that they have seen Iván looking at a girl … He goes out, he has many friends, he is very sociable ».

The former contestant is not willing to let Ivan’s infidelity rumors affect your relationship, although he is sincere and acknowledges that «they have made something of a dent in our relationship, but love can do everything and we are together. He also adds that “although we are fine, It tires us a little that they do not stop going out girls».

Who is Lola’s boyfriend, Iván Rubio?

Ivan Rubio He was repeatedly defending his partner on the set of ‘Survivors’. However, the rumors that began to arrive about a possible infidelity caused the young man to withdraw from television.

Lola recognized live that today Ivan is very affected by the continuous rumorss: «He is very upset because every time I come they talk about him. He stopped coming to defend me, he does not consider himself a public figure ».

But who is Iván Rubio? Where did he come from and what did he do before defending his partner in reality?

He is 31 years old and was born in Alicante. It is soccer player and during these last months he has arrasado in different social networks with their fun dances on Tik Tok. In addition, on Instagram he has a large number of followers, exceeding 100,000 people.

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