What if you can’t race the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix



The microclimate that is usually installed on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit can dynamite the Belgian Grand Prix, which is stopped due to the heavy rain that is falling on the track and that impedes visibility and driving. The race is stopped but the stopwatch has started, which is why if the race will be concluded at six in the afternoon, whether it has started or not. The teams are waiting and will try to play a few laps to be able to distribute the points. The most interested in having a lap done (you would have to run a minimum of two laps) is Red Bull, which starts on pole with Max Verstappen, who is chasing Lewis Hamilton in the World Cup, who is only eight points away. In addition, the energy drink team tries to fix Checo Pérez’s car in time, which suffered damage in the formation lap when it crashed into the wall.

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The risk of suspension began to fly over Spa long before the race started. I hope we can start in the next 30 minutes. I thought the sun was going to come out, that it was going to clear up, but the rain goes for long in the next half hour“Lamented Zac Brown, CEO of McLaren. “Verstappen believes that the race could have started earlier, he had visibility but was in front, so it is understood that the others behind did not see anything,” added Christian Horner, manager of Red Bull. In the training lap he already complained Hamilton, ensuring that its visibility was nil. He surprised Verstappen with the same message when he was the first driver and felt the discomfort of the spray that splashed the safety car. Worrying messages from all the pilots who had an impact on race direction, that he had to make a decision putting safety before show. Michael Masi decided to show the red flag before starting the race and suspend the start procedure

“I believe that the biggest problem is visibility. F1 cars have no spray protection and there is a lot of risk on the straight. Unfortunately conditions are not going to improve anytime soon if we look at the radar. In these conditions you can use the rain tire and it doesn’t wear out too much. This morning we saw that the intermediates lasted more than 20 laps. It would not be a problem. Tomorrow it would be difficult to contest the race, almost impossible, because we have to go to the next circuit “, warned Mario Isola, Pirelli’s director in Formula 1. And Toto Wolf, from Mercedes, added: «The medical car is there to evaluate, but in the next 45 minutes more rain is expected and we are limited by three hours. Lewis didn’t see anything so difficult. I think Perez could run because the race has not started. We would have to see the penalties but I think I could start from the pitlane ». The forecasts are not for improvement but what is clear is that the Grand Prix will end today whether or not it will run and the possibility that it will run tomorrow has already been ruled out.

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