What is black garlic and what are its benefits

Have you ever heard of black garlic? Although its appearance is anything but attractive to the palate, the truth is that it is a fairly healthy food.

The black garlic It is produced, according to the dietician-nutritionist Ana Colomer, by the fermentation of garlic itself at quite high temperatures, for about a month. “Being a fermented food, it has a peculiar sweet / sour taste, like liquorice,” he says.

The most predominant property in black garlic is the antioxidant, due to its high content of phytochemicals, since it protects our cells from the famous oxidative stress.

As a precaution before consuming it, Ana Colomer says that people who are intolerant or with problems related to the intestinal microflora should reduce their consumption to almost a minimum. Likewise, “those with blood circulation problems” should take care of their consumption.

Black garlic in the kitchen

Believe it or not, it has many culinary uses. For example, it can be used as a condiment or as part of our most delicious grilled or scrambled vegetables and rice dishes.

“I use it a lot to season tofu, since it gives it a delicious and different touch,” confesses Ana Colomer, who assures that many chefs use them as a decoration for vegetable creams or gourmet salads, “guaranteeing a very tasty touch.”

Black garlic ali oli recipes

– 3 or 4 teeth of black garlic

– 1 clove of normal garlic

– 1 egg

– Aove

– A pinch of salt

To make the aioli, add the garlic cloves, the egg, the pinch of salt and the EVOO in the blender glass until it emulsifies. It is possible that we have to add more EVOO … Better little by little until everything is well linked.

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