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Since the central government decreed the mandatory use of mask When it is not possible to respect the distance of two meters between people, this type of facial protection has become an indispensable complement in the daily life of the Spanish. The surgical masks, which are effective for 4 hours, are the ones that have had the most widespread use. However, FFP2 masks they are beginning to be seen more frequently, but there are still many doubts surrounding them.

Are they reusable?

Masks Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Popularly known as FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks, they are medical devices used by hospital and health center staff to create a barrier between patients and medical professionals. However, it is increasingly common to see them at street level, since their use has begun to spread among the population.

This type of mask, on its labeling, has a specific marking: NR (Not Reusable) O R (Reusable). It is important to pay attention to these acronyms to know whether or not it is possible to use the FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 mask more than once.

How long can I use a mask of this type?

It is recommended that non-reusable (NR) FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 masks be discarded once used (between 4 and 8 hours).

There are certain PPE masks, generally made with cotton fabrics, whose label indicates that they are reusable (R) and the number of washes that they endure before they cease to be effective. Of course, it is important to throw them into the washing machine every time they are used.

What should I look for to know if a mask is approved?

There are people who choose to make cloth masks at home to avoid spending money on disposable ones. However, this type of face shield is much less effective against the coronavirus than approved, which have a series of certifications that ensure their effectiveness against contagion.

To know if an FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3 mask is approved we must look at its label. In it we must find the following:

– A CE marked, followed by four numbers, which certifies that the mask complies with the legislation.

– The reference to the norma UNE-149, which ensures compliance with a quality standard.

– The marking NR or R, which indicates whether or not they are reusable.

– An indication about the filter type (P1, P2 o P3).

– The type of mask which is (FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3).

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