What is the largest quality food portfolio in Europe?



Among its eternal rows of vineyards, some of the most renowned wines on the planet are shaped; Its cereal fields are the granary of Spain, with a third of the country’s production; Its Iberians add 26 nominations for the «Oscars» of pig production and the suckling lamb fed only on breast milk is the star dish of any celebration worth its salt. Except for seafood, everything has a place in the pantry of Castile and Leon, where this enormous variety comes together under the same umbrella, the guarantee brand Tierra de Sabor. Born in 2009, this label identifies the origin and superior quality of both the raw materials and the production process, providing security to the end consumer.

Up to 6,000 products from 900 companies are covered under the yellow heart – Europe’s largest quality food portfolio-, which identifies this brand, which ranges from the most “delicatessen” to the basic products. Not surprisingly, Tierra de Sabor milk was chosen by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) as the best in the market.

Since in 1992 the European Community created a system for the valorization and protection of agri-food products, a large number of references from Castilla y León have obtained their certification through one of the formulas established for this purpose: Denominations of Origin, Geographical Indications Protected, Guaranteed Traditional Specialties, Ecological Agriculture or other quality marks such as the Guarantee Mark, Integrated Production and Artisanal Food. At present they are 69 quality figures authorized in this autonomous community. All of them share, under the quality brand, a unique space of products with tradition and history and the common denominator of the territory at a time when consumers demand to know in detail what they buy and where it comes from.

Iberians with one of the flagship of Castilian and Leonese gastronomy
Iberians with one of the flagship of Castilian and Leonese gastronomy – LAND ABOR

By sectors, meat, both fresh and processed, followed by wines, derived from cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and to a lesser extent legumes, are the majority products on the menu of Land of Flavor. This has made it a clear benchmark for quality food in our country, where 60 percent of consumers recognize this brand. It has also conquered borders, with 78 percent of the adhered companies exporting abroad, mainly to other European countries.

These are, above all, small and medium-sized companies and industries, located in rural areas, among which stands out a large group of food artisans (one in four). Among all of them, the annual commercialized volume exceeded 2 billion euros in 2019.

Beyond the traditional sales channels, Tierra de Sabor also seeks to position itself in the field of commerce, hotels and restaurants, for which several initiatives have been launched that have the support of the brand, such as Restaurants de la Tierra, with which the products are shown through the eyes and expert hands of some of the best chefs in Spain, and Tierra de Sabor-Club Selección, which combines the sale of products with the possibility of tasting them at the bar. For those who live outside the country, they can access them through Heart of Spain.

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