What saint is celebrated today, Monday, December 7? Everything you have to know about today’s saints



Today, Monday, December 7, 2020, the Holy Christian celebrates the Holy of San Ambrosio, followed by other names that you can consult right here.

Born into a rich Roman family in Trier, year 339. He was elected Bishop of Milan in 374, being a great administrator. Ambrosio is the symbol of the Church that is reborn after the hard years of hiding and persecution. Saint Augustine, who was a regular listener to the sermons of Saint Ambrose, tells us in his Confessions that the prestige of the eloquence of the Bishop of Milan was very great and the tone of this apostle of friendship was very effective. His published books that have come down to us are the quick transcriptions and reuses of his speeches, little or nothing revised. As a good shepherd he likes to teach liturgical songs to his people. That is why he composed a good number of hymns, some are still familiar in the Ambrosian liturgy. It was he who introduced the alternate singing of psalms to the West.

On this Monday, December 7, 2020, the Catholic Church celebrates the saint of Agatón, Antenodoro, Eutiquiano, Juan el Silenántico, Martín, Sabino, Teodoro, Urbano, Fara, María Josefa Rossello. Although today is known for San Ambrosio and with which the Christian religion pays homage to 2378 people in Spain.

Below you will find a list of the saints the saints that correspond to today Monday, December 7, 2020, according to our Hispanic tradition and the dates of celebration of Christian holidays, all of them related to events in the life of Jesus and the history of the church.

Why do we commemorate the saint’s day from each person? This tradition comes from the Catholic Church and commemorates the life of a relevant person within the Catholic religion who dedicated / gave his life to bring the Christian faith to people who needed it.

The Roman martyrology lists the names of the saints as we know them. This name refers to a kind of book that the Vatican is updating through the replacement of new saints after the canonization.

Today’s Santoral December 7

Although today’s commemoration is San Ambrosio, the saints are much larger so today they also celebrate their saint Agatón, Antenodoro, Eutiquiano, Juan el Silenástico, Martín, Sabino, Teodoro, Urbano, Fara, María Josefa Rossello. This is because today December 7 is also the onomastics from:

  • Agathon
  • Antenodoro
  • Eutychian
  • John the Silent
  • Martin
  • Sabino
  • Teodoro
  • Urban
  • Free
  • Maria Josefa Rossello

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