What saints are celebrated today? Discover the saints for Sunday, October 3



Sunday, October 3, 2021, the Santo de San Francisco de Borja among other names that are celebrated today according to the Christian Saint.

Francisco is a native of Gandía. The Valencian was educated with care and since childhood he showed mercy. His mother died when he was 10 years old and therefore his uncle, Juan de Aragón, the Archbishop of Zaragoza, took him with him. Years later he married Leonor de Castro, lady of the Empress Isabel. With her he had eight children, although later he died. For this reason, he entered the Society of Jesus and abdicated the dignities of the world and challenged those of the Church. He was elected Superior General and was memorable for his austerity of life and prayer.

Today, 479405 are the people who will celebrate their Saint. The Catholic Church commemorates San Francisco de Borja, on this Sunday, October 3, 2021. But, in addition, Cipriano de Toulon, Dionisio Areopagita, Gerardo de Namur, Hesiquio, Maximiano de Bagai, Virila de Navarra and Cándida de Roma also have a leading role today.

Right here you can consult the complete list of the saints that we can commemorate today Sunday, October 3, 2021 in reference to the Catholic tradition that has to do with Spain. Discover who are the saints that you can congratulate today at ABC.es.

What does it mean today to commemorate the saints? For hundreds of years the Catholic Church has set a day on the calendar to commemorate the feast of each of the saints. In each of the 365 days that we meet in a year, we can remember the exemplary life of these Christians and whose testimony of faith continues to this day.

The saints that are celebrated today are collected in the Roman martyrology and that’s where they are officially extracted from. It is a book that the Vatican is updating to include the canonizations that are given each year.

What saints are celebrated today, October 3?

Although today’s celebration is San Francisco de Borja, the saints are much larger so today they also celebrate their saint Cipriano de Toulon, Dionisio Areopagita, Gerardo de Namur, Hesiquio, Maximiano de Bagai, Virila de Navarra and Cándida de Roma. This is because today October 3 is also the onomastics from:

  • Cipriano from Toulon
  • Dionisio the Areopagite
  • Gerardo de Namur
  • Hesychia
  • Maximiano de Bagai
  • Virila of Navarra and Candida of Rome

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