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The Christian Santoral celebrates today, Wednesday June 30, 2021 the Saint of Saint Ladislaus of Hungary, among others.

Descendant of the future King Bela I of Hungary. In 1077 he succeeded his brother Geza I and tried to make his kingdom completely Christian. He restored worship and promoted religious life. In addition to achieving the canonization of Saints Stephen I and Emeric, he established the bishopric of Zagreb and sought the best understanding with the Holy See. He was also in charge of directing the first crusade, where he made an effort to put all the necessary means. He passed away on June 30, 1905.

On this Wednesday, June 30, 2021, the Catholic Church celebrates the saint of Adolfo de Osnabrück, Alpiniano de Limoges, Austricliniano de Limoges, Basílides de Alejandría, Bertrando, Marcial de Limoges, Ostiano de Viviers, Teobaldo de Salánica, Vicente Do Yen, Erentrudis from Salzburg, Lucina from Rome. Although today is known for Saint Ladislaus of Hungary and with which the Catholic religion pays tribute to 1138 people in Spain.

The names of which today, Wednesday, June 30, 2021 we commemorate their saint are obtained from Roman martyrology. This catalog gathers and adds new saints after their canonization. From time to time, the Vatican adds new names to the Roman martyrology and so the list is completed.

What does it mean today to celebrate the saints? For hundreds of years the Catholic Church has set a day on the calendar to commemorate the feast of each of the saints. In each of the 365 days that we find in a year, we can commemorate the exemplary life of these Christians and whose testimony of faith continues to this day.

From ABC we put at your disposal the entire list of santos that are celebrated today on the occasion of this tradition so deeply rooted in the Catholic Church and that makes the saints so wide.

What saints are celebrated today June 30?

In addition to the feast of Saint Ladislaus of Hungary, which we celebrate today, other onomastics are commemorated in the Catholic Church. This is due to the large number of saints who, through the centuries of history, have earned this distinction. For this reason today, June 30, we also celebrate:

  • Adolfo de Osnabrück
  • Alpiniano of Limoges
  • Austriclinian from Limoges
  • Basilids of Alexandria
  • Bertrando
  • Martial of Limoges
  • Ostiano de Viviers
  • Theobald of Salanica
  • Vicente Do Yen
  • Erentrudis of Salzburg
  • Lucina de Roma

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