What to do if we have a breakdown due to poor road conditions




The deterioration of the pavement is the main cause of 94% of accidents caused by fault of the road. According to Spanish Highway Association (AEC) one out of every thirteen kilometers of the Spanish road network presents relevant impairments in more than 50% of the pavement surface, accumulating potholes, ruts and longitudinal and transverse cracks.

Poor road maintenance is a danger for drivers, since increases the risk of an accident and it can cause significant and expensive damage to cars.

If we suffer a mishap or breakdown and we think it was due to the poor condition of the road surface, the first thing we should do is stay in the area and notify the authorities, police or Civil Guard, and request that they make a report. It is important to take photographs of the area and the damage caused, as well as collect data from the possible witnesses (name, surname and telephone number).

We must notify the incident to the vehicle’s insurance company, whether we have it fully comprehensive or to third parties. If we want make a claim on our own, we must present a letter to the administration responsible for the road. In the case of national roads and highways, the claim must be presented in the “registry” of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda through the Web www.mitma.gob.es. If it is a county road of autonomic responsibility, we will have to go to the corresponding autonomous community. And if the road is urban, the place where we will have to file the claim is the corresponding Town Hall windowe.

Finally, if the breakdown or accident occurs due to the poor condition of a toll road, the claim will have to be made before the concession company. You can find it through the Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires SEOPAN.

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