“When a ship sinks, the first to abandon them are the rats”




The Minister of Health, Veronica Married, has assured this Monday that «The Primary Care strategy continues» underway to face a “critical” situation and that the “starting gun” has been given to the project, which, he said, has the endorsement of the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. He further held that the rearrangement will not entail the closure of offices or the transfer of doctors from rural to urban areas.

Casado, who met this Monday with the presidents of the provincial councils, stressed that don’t feel unauthorized by the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco.

Married has linked the passage of the Community as of this Tuesday at risk level one for the Covid to arise pending problems such as the reorganization of Primary Care, after the Popular Group voted on a socialist initiative that called for the withdrawal of the so-called restructuring plan of this level of care.

The counselor has defended her continuity at the head of Health because he pointed out that “When a ship sinks, the first to abandon it are the rats” and she has ensured she intends to work to improve the entire system. In addition, he has pointed out that he does not have the perception that the regional elections are going to be brought forward, after what was said by the president and by the vice president and spokesman, Francisco Igea. However, he has pointed out that in politics he prefers not to have it, so as not to get a “disappointment”.

About, has denied that he would have recognized in the course of the meeting that he was wrongInstead, in these 18 months they have had to do “intense” work, “as if there were no tomorrow,” to “twist” the Covid curve and prepare this strategy. “I have not said that I was wrong,” he said.

From now on, Verónica Casado has remarked, consensus will be sought in the territory with meetings between area managers, mayors and these provincial leaders. The order, he said, is that they begin to work this week and next, to land the proposals in each area, since he recognized that there will be no “common solutions.” What’s more, other meetings will be held with unions, scientific societies and professional associations, although at the moment he pointed out that he has not received a response from the socialists.

“We are in a race against time”, has affirmed Verónica Casado. “For this we have come,” he added and has opted to act now and not relegate the problems, which he warned are no longer postponed, as a result of the advanced age of the professionals, the lack of toilets and a reorganization that he recalled remains since the 80s.

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