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There are about two months until the start Christmas. Nevertheless, Vigo has been preparing for a long time. On August 4, when summer was still very present, Abel knight, Mayor of Vigo, began the exterior assembly of his Christmas lighting.

As reported by Europa Press, the campaign will feature “11 million led lights”, in addition to the traditional attractions and “many surprises”. And it is that, the great Christmas party that Caballero prepares will once again be the focus of all eyes and surely it will not be without controversy, since it will have 3,000 lighting motifs, 350 adorned streets, 1,000 illuminated trees, «The largest tree of led lights on the planet», the snowman “who has grown three meters”, the big box of gifts or the gigantic ball, which will have different motifs from those of other years. “New York is going to be too small for us”The mayor commented at the time to the media, also saying that they are lights that are going to “illuminate the entire planet.”

Of course, the giant Ferris wheel and the flea market will not be missing, in addition to two ice skating rinks and a great ski ramp in the middle of the city.

And when can we see this light show?

At first the 2021 Christmas lights in Vigo will begin to shine the day November 20, when at 8:30 p.m. the mayor presses the power button, which will illuminate the city for almost two months, until January 10. However, the City Council points out that both before switching on and after switching off there will be a few days of assembly and disassembly, so the dates are indicative.

Next to the lighting there will be a Public address system which will broadcast Christmas songs chosen from within the Concellería de Festas. The piped music can be heard both in the center and in the most remote neighborhoods, such as Teis or Torrecedeira. Below you can see the streets where the Christmas carols will be heard:

Zone 1: Paseo de Alfonso, Calle Elduayen, Porta do Sol, Plaza de la Princesa, Plaza de la Constitución, Calle Triunfo, Plaza de la Pedra, Calle Príncipe, Calle Eduardo Iglesias, Calle Velázquez Moreno, Calle Carral, Calle Policarpo Sanz and Calle Colón.

Zone 2: Camelias Street, Pi y Margall Street, López Mora Street and Torrecedeira Street.

Zone 3: Rúa Urzaiz, Gran Vía and Rúa Venezuela.

Zone 4: Urzaiz Street, Pizarro Street, Condesa Casa Barcena Street and Honduras Street.

Zone 5: Rúa Areal, Rúa Colón, Rúa Rosalia de Castro and Rúa García Barbón.

Zone 6: Navia: rúa Teixugueiras.

Zone 7: Bouzas: Urzáiz Square, Suárez Llanos Square, M. de Santos Square, Paulino Freire Street, Pescadores Street and Eduardo Cabello Street.

Zone 8: Teis: Sanjurjo Badia street, surroundings of the Teis market and Pedro Alvarado street.

Zone 9: Castrelos: Avenida Portanet and Avenida Castrelos.

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