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Despite the Christmas lights in Madrid They begin to be installed at the end of August, it is in the month of October when the workers hired by the City Council give the final touches to the Christmas decoration From the capital. In this way, there is very little time left for the lights light up, kicking off a long-awaited parties after the coronavirus pandemic prevent a large number of family gatherings.

This year the power-on date has yet to be confirmed. However, it is expected to be the November 25, since traditionally the lights are turned on the last Thursday before December. Thus, the people of Madrid will be able to see how the 232 points (13 more than the previous year) that the council has chosen to light with 13 large trees, 118 luminous cherry trees and 6,695 Christmas chains, which is equivalent to about 147 kilometers.

In total, they will be 25 the streets of the capital that will show off new designs. Among them are Gran Vía, Montera, Preciados, Jorge Juan and Narváez. In addition, the traditional Christmas motifs will be increased, which will paint new areas on the outskirts of Madrid with color, such as Arturo Soria (Ciudad Lineal); Brussels Avenue (Guindalera), Miguel Delibes Avenue (Vicálvaro), Marcelo Usera (Usera), Oporto Avenue and Marqués de Vadillo Glorieta (Carabanchel).

Another of the great novelties of this year will be given by the incorporation to the list of locations of the new Spain Square, whose lighting, according to the City Council, will become a new focus of attraction.

The traditional ones will also be maintained figurative nativity scenes which were already incorporated last Christmas for the lighting of historic city gates such as those of Alcalá, Toledo or San Vicente and the Viaduct of Segovia Street, as well as at the entrances to the Plaza Mayor. On the other hand, this year the wise men they will be the protagonists of the lighting chosen for the Sales bridge.

The big ball of light 12 meters in diameter, seven tons in weight and 43,000 led lights will once again be seen between Calle Alcalá and Calle Gran Vía, in front of the Metropolis Building.

The lights are expected to go out on the day January 6th.

On and off schedule

Traditionally, the Christmas lights in Madrid are turned on on the last Thursday in November and they turn off on January 6. The city will be illuminated like this every night, from 6:00 p.m. to 00:00 a.m., except on December 24 and January 5, in which the hours will be extended until 3:00 a.m., and on January 31, in which the lights will shine from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

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