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The video in which the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and the candidate for the Community of Madrid, Rocío Monasterio, appear with Morante de la Puebla fighting a heifer, puts on the table the unequivocal defense of the Party by the party green, at a time when attacks on bullfighting are becoming more common and virulent every day from formations from the other political extreme.

Over time, bullfighting has always been an ideological goal by the entire political arc. Their appropriation has been attempted from all sides, and if the defense of bullfighting is now in the hands of the right-wing and center-right parties, bulls were also used as a hitch flag from the left.

Apart from the many characters from the world of culture and politics Recognized as great fans, formations such as the Communist Party of Spain and unions such as Comisiones Obreras positioned themselves without prejudice in favor of the Fiesta. During the Transition, the annual festivals of the PCE in the Casa de Campo in Madrid included bullfighting festivals in their programming, and the photograph in which Santiago Carrillo was taken out of the plaza on the shoulders of the militants is famous. Workers Commissions also held more than one festival in those years. It was necessary to defend the interests of its affiliates in the Bullfighting Association of CC.OO. and to raise funds, in October 1977, the Vista Alegre carabanchelera square was filled with the public to witness the triumphs of bullfighters such as Sánchez Bejarano, José Luis Parada, Pascual Mezquita and García Higares, some renowned members of the PCE. Now, the heirs of those communist militants attack bullfighting with the simple argument of qualifying it as a right-wing party.

All bullfighting slopes hold 132,000 direct and indirect jobs each year

“Bullfighting bastard”, “torturer”, “salesman” are some of the qualifiers that the anti-bullfighting hordes dedicated to the leader of the Socialist Party of Euskadi in Guipúzcoa and spokesman in the Basque Parliament, Eneko Andueza, after the recent publication of ‘The bulls from the left’, a book with which he intends to eliminate complexes and put arguments in defense of his hobby.

Similar niceties had to endurethe president of the PP of Zaragoza, Ramón Celma, who in the Cortes of Aragon made a defense of the Party away from ideologies. From Ortega y Gasset to Tierno Galván, from Lorca to Sabina, from Chaplin to Cocteau, from Picasso to Barceló …

Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina, two musicians who sympathize with the left, in the bullring of Barcelona (no longer shows), on June 17, 2007
Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquín Sabina, two musicians sympathetic to the left, in the bullring of Barcelona (no longer shows), on June 17, 2007 – ELENA CARRERAS

Until the pandemic, in Spain more than 16,000 bullfighting festivals were held in thousands of towns from north to south and from east to west. “Going against that reality is going against the people,” Celma insisted. Only in Madrid, the non-celebration of San Isidro means the loss of 412 million euros for the city. Bullfighting continues to be the second most popular spectacle in Spain, after football. Every year, all bullfighting slopes hold 132,000 direct and indirect jobs, as the Festival takes place in more than one hundred business activities, from agriculture, livestock and the environment, to the administration of shows, through transport or hospitality. and restoration. The sector generates more than 140 million in VAT.

The attacks that from the left, especially from Podemos, are being launched on bullfighting contrast with the use that the same left made of its most emblematic symbols, linking them to the Fiesta. Suffice it to remember the image of Che Guevara on a barrier in Las Ventas or in the Plaza de Carabanchel on his visit to Madrid in the late 1950s.

And in the Civil war, the bullfights to benefit and pay tribute to the Popular Front and the international brigades, were repeated in the squares of Madrid and Barcelona.

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