When will the de-escalation of restrictions due to the coronavirus begin and how will Valencia




The Valencian Community has managed to bend the accumulated incidence of coronavirus, which at the end of January touched 1,500 infected per 100,000 inhabitants. The region led the mortality and occupancy of ICUs in the third wave of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

The restrictions decreed by the Generalitat, which included the total closure of the hotel business and the perimeter confinement of the most populated cities on weekends, have taken effect and the cumulative incidence has already dropped from three hundred positives per 100,000 inhabitants.

The evolution of coronavirus points out that the rate of affected people will continue the downward trend in the coming days, in such a way that the Valencian Community will abandon the maximum alert threshold set by 250 cases and the Generalitat will be in a position to begin de-escalation of the restrictions from next March 2.

Public Health believes that the arrival of a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic driven by the British strain will be inevitable

This week there will be no changes and the measures that are in effect until 11:59 p.m. on March 1 will be maintained. As of that date, the Government presided over by the Socialist Ximo Puig prepare a “slow, gradual and prudent” de-escalation. The details of the plan of relaxation of the restrictions will be decided in the Interdepartmental Table for the management of the crisis of the Covid-19 called for this Thursday, but the measures will not take effect until next week.

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The next few days, in fact, will be key in shaping the conditions in which lto reopening of the hotel business (initially it is expected to do so with outdoor terraces) and gyms, as well as the resumption of non-professional sports activities.

Curfew, confinement and perimeter closure

Within the caution demanded by epidemiologists and experts who advise Ximo Puig, the Generalitat seems to be inclined to maintain the curfew between ten at night and six in the morning, as well as the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community.

However, the decrease in the cumulative incidence of coronavirus In the main towns, it could lead to the lifting of the confinement during the weekends of the sixteen cities with the most inhabitants. A measure that affects more than 2.5 million Valencians.

However, as he has been warning Ximo Puig, the de-escalation will not be abrupt and the restrictions will last for months. As minimum, until May 9, when the state of alarm decreed by the Government ends. In this regard, the president of the Generalitat will raise in the Interterritorial Health Council the proposal to prohibit travel between autonomous communities at Easter to avoid a new upturn in cases such as the one that occurred in the Christmas holidays.

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In fact, Public Health believes that the arrival of a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic driven by the British strain of the virus will be inevitable. Covid-19, so it is intended to prevent a new collapse of hospitals.

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