Who are the new Spaniards that appear in the ‘Pandora papers’



The ‘Pandora papers’ They carry with them new names of Spaniards who are allegedly involved in the use of tax havens or “offshore” companies.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in which ‘La Sexta’ and ‘El País’ participate, have indicated the new names of those who are allegedly on the lists.

The media cites the Legionaries of Christ, Santiago Calatrava, Jordi Carulla, the Grifols brothers, the Riberas brothers, Modesto Álvarez Otero and Francisco Correa.

Legionaries of Christ

This religious congregation would be implicated for having invested in through two trusts of New Zealand in venture funds in Spain from 2015 to 2019.

The money went from New Zealand to United Kingdom, where it was divided into various investments, among which there are major venture capital funds with companies such as Glovo, Cabify and Wallbox.

Santiago Calatrava

The Valencian architect has been associated with opaque companies. These societies were in the British Virgin Islands And in the Cayman Islands, with at least four offshore and a trust.

Despite everything, Calatrava’s lawyers argue that since 2012 he moved his residence to Zurich, so you are no longer a Spanish resident.

Jordi Carulla

He is one of the owners of the company Agrifood, whose well-known brand is ‘Gallina Blanca’. Apparently, Carulla had two offshore with bank accounts in Luxembourg.

The Grifols brothers

Victor and Raimon Grifols, from the pharmaceutical company Grifols, they have been linked to the ‘Pandora papers’. The brothers would have three “offshore” in the British Virgin Islands.

Riberas Brothers

Francisco and Jon Riberas, the leaders of the group Gestamp they would also have an “offshore” company to benefit private investments.

Modesto Alvarez Otero

One of the owners of the insurance company Santalucía. Apparently, Alvarez Otero He shares an “offshore” with his wife and daughter. With her he was able to manage the purchase of an apartment in New York.

Francisco Correa

The ringleader of the plot Gürtel corruption is in possession of two offshore. One of them is Fairway International, with an account in Monaco that was emptied in 2010. There, 12 million euros were received.

In the second, Adama Holdings, it has a balance of 4.3 million. The two companies were created between 2004 and 2007 by law firms.

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