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On Monday, August 2, it was published in the
Official State Gazette (BOE)
the call for scholarships for students who are going to take valid post-compulsory education in the national territory. Or what is the same, it remains open the term for apply for MEC scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022.

In this exercise, the scholarship and study aid budget has increased to 2,038 million, which represents an increase of 128 million over the previous year. The calculations of the Ministry of Universities and the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is that some 850,000 students will be able to benefit from these grants and scholarships during the academic year 2021-2022 (Last year just over 790,000 students enjoyed some of these financial aid).

Who can apply for the MEC scholarships

Will be able apply for scholarships all those people who do not exceed a certain income and / or family assets and who meet some requirements for academic achievement. In addition, to be able to apply for these financial aid, you must be studying any of the following teachings:

Post-compulsory and non-university superiors of the Spanish educational system and that are valid within the national territory. These teachings are first and second high school, intermediate and higher vocational training (including vocational training studies that have been carried out in military educational centers) and basic degree training cycles. Also within these teachings are professional arts, sports, language studies (if they are being carried out in official schools owned by educational administrations – including distance courses -), higher arts and higher religious studies. Finally, access courses and preparation courses for entrance exams to vocational training and specific training courses for access to intermediate and higher-level training cycles will also be included as long as they are taught by public centers or Private concerted centers that have authorized vocational training courses.

– The university teachings of the Spanish system as long as they are being studied in Spanish centers and with validity in national territory. These university courses include those that lead to official bachelor’s and master’s degrees (including those taken in university defense centers and the Civil Guard), preparatory courses for university access for over 25s taught by universities public, and the training supplements for accessing or obtaining the master’s degree and complementary credits for obtaining the bachelor’s degree. Of course, in order to apply for these scholarships, those studies corresponding to the third cycle or doctorate, specialization studies or university degrees are not included.

How to apply for scholarships

To apply for the scholarships, the application must be completed through a form that can be found in the
website of the Department’s electronic headquarters
or in the
website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Once the form is completed, you only have to sign said document through any electronic signature system that is accepted by the electronic headquarters and, later, be sent through the established telematic procedure. It should be noted that, in the event that the applicant for the scholarships is under 18 years of age, their legal representative is the one who must sign the application.

It is also very important to keep the receipt of the application. In case there is a problem, it will be very important to demonstrate the correct request in the established time and manner.

Until when can you apply for scholarships and study aids?

Another of the most important points to take into account are the application deadlines for the scholarships and financial aid. In the case of university students have a deadline until October 14 2021 (inclusive), and for those non-university students until September 30 2021 (inclusive).

Amount of scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022

In this field, two types of amounts must be taken into account: fixed and variable.

The fixed amounts son:

Tuition Scholarships for College Students. These enrollment scholarships cover the amount of credits the student has enrolled for the first time for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Fixed financial aid linked to the student’s income. The amount of this aid is 1,700 euros (for both university and non-university students).

Fixed amount linked to the student’s residence During the school year. The aid in these cases is 1,600 euros (also for both cases, university and non-university students).

Scholarship for academic excellence. The fixed amount varies between 50 and 125 euros (for both university and non-university students).

– There is also a basic scholarship for non-university students 300 euros. Amount that rises to 350 euros for scholarship holders who take Basic Degree Training Cycles.

Regarding variable amounts, this will depend on the wavelength of the average grade of the student’s record and their family income. The minimum amount is 60 euros.

How to know the status of my application

To know where the application for your scholarship is, simply access the
website of the electronic office
and search for “My files”. You can also check the processing status of an application by going to the scholarship unit of the corresponding educational administration or university and identifying yourself with the NIF / NIE of the holder of the file. Another option is from the
website of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
, where you can check the status of the procedure in each of the universities and educational administrations.

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