“Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?”, A musical where the butler is a piano




Since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character in 1887, Sherlock Holmes It has become a true icon and has been taken to film, television and the stage on numerous occasions and in many different ways. Now it opens in the EDP ​​Gran Vía Theater « Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?», A small-format musical« for times of crisis », created by Ivan Macias Y Felix Amador, those responsible for the musical “The doctor.” The direction of the show is from Jose Luis Sixto and the choreography of Federico Barrios. The cast is made up Daniel Diges, who plays Sherlock Holmes; Enrique R. del Portal (Dr. Watson), Talía del Val (Irene Adler), Enrique Ferrer (Profesor Moriarty), Josean Moreno (The Host) and Julia Moller (Mrs. Roberts).

The child that has just been born was conceived a few months ago; specifically in May of this year. Postponed due to the situation created by the pandemic, the project to turn “The Pillars of the Earth” into a musical, Macías and Amador turned their gaze to the phlegmatic detective, which had always haunted his thoughts. “The idea was to do something sustainable and where the safety of the people could be guaranteed.”

To create “Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?”, Its authors have placed the novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, his time – the end of the 19th century – and his characters in the crucible. «The result is a story that is like a lost tale of Conan Doyle. -explains ABC Iván Macías-. We believe that it is very faithful to its universe, and we have treated all the characters with great respect, since it is a musical and what is intended is to entertain people; enjoy and get excited.

The play brings together various characters in a Victorian London mansion, each of whom has received a note that reads: “They have discovered him. Come to my mansion on Tennison Road tonight if you want to save yourself». There are joined by Dr. Watson, Irene Adler, Professor Moriarty and Mrs. Roberts. None of them know each other or the host; He tells them that Sherlock Holmes is going to be assassinated. “Some of the latest movies and television series have broken the Sherlock stereotype,” says the composer, “and have given the character other tones. But that stereotype seemed difficult to bring to the stage, apart from the fact that he has been mistreated on occasion.

“We try to present a neat product within the limitations, because we want to do something of quality, but obviously with a different magnitude than” The Doctor “». And it is that, he insists, the first condition of “Who killed Sherlock Holmes?” was “safety. We wanted all the boys to feel safe on stage -they have daily antigen tests-, that the public feels the same, for this we could not have an artistic and technical team as in “The doctor”; here are 25 or 30 people. There is no rest … This musical has a reason for being, the pandemic. Would we have done it in other circumstances? Surely yes, but it would be a different musical ».

Iván Macías is sure that 2020 is going to be a very prolific year for culture. “I am convinced that soon we will know many things written during these months of pandemic, and that they have not had the opportunity to release as we have had. It has been a momentous year, and that must necessarily be reflected in the theaters».

There is no detective work worth its salt without its butler. There is also it in “Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?” It is the piano, the only instrument that will be played live. «In fact, there is a lot of improvisation in his interventions. In addition to accompanying the songs, there is a lot of ambient music ». At the moment, for security reasons, the rest of the instruments are recorded, Macías says. “But we have the option of having the entire orchestra live”, he clarifies. Musically, the intention of the composer is for the public to immediately identify it as “lounge music”, with swing. «We have gone to the bebop of the twenties, to jazz, to the sound of New Orleans, not too far removed from the aesthetics of the nineteen but more attractive for today’s public. And there are, of course, three or four totally Broadway songs.

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