Who should take the initiative to give the first kiss?



«For a kiss … I don’t know what I would give you for a kiss». This popular phrase of the great Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer has been one of the most remembered in these times of pandemic, in which expressing affection through this sublime gesture has been limited. So much so, that we have changed our perspective as to who we should kiss and who not: 66% of Spaniards admit that after COVID they are much more demanding when choosing who to kiss, as confirmed by a study by the AdoptUnUn app.

On the International Kissing Day, which is celebrated every April 13, we remember this intrinsic custom in the life of Spaniards and that today, in the face of this new context, it has been transformed, but never forgotten, in fact, every time we value it and yearn for more. According to the report, 67% say they now enjoy kissing more than before the pandemic and 71% say they very much miss greeting people with two kisses while only 29% admit that they have no other option than to do it with their elbow. And Sabina already said it: “The bad thing about kisses is that they create addiction.”

All these distances that we have had to introduce to take care of our health have not, however, changed our attitude when it comes to throwing ourselves when we really like someone. It is true that we are less direct than before, but 56% say that when the butterflies in their stomach begin to move they do not feel any objection and they start kissing, just as they did before. What’s more, 88% confess that they would jump into stealing a kiss from the person they like on a date.

The first and the last kiss, the most remembered

One of the most unforgettable experiences in a person’s life is, without a doubt, their first love kiss. 85% of Spaniards assure that they have this moment of their life captured in their memory and that they never forget for more than the years pass. And the same happens with the last kiss they have given: 86% affirm that they remember it perfectly.

Who should take the initiative of the first kiss in a couple? The Spanish have it clear: either of the two people involved, be they man or woman. Here lor what matters is that this magical moment occurs. However, not everyone is so daring to launch into a kiss on the first date. 57% say that before COVID, I used to kiss in that meetingHowever, there are 43% who think it is a bit premature and prefer to prolong the emotion until another moment.

Spaniards are also a bit divided over whether they are willing to kiss someone without knowing their name, letting themselves be carried away by the heat of the circumstances. 48% assume the mea culpa and assure that they have done it on some occasion, while more than half (52%) affirm that they have never done it … for now.

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