Why George Clooney gave $ 1 million to his friends

In addition to being recognized as the official Hollywood seducer, George Clooney He is one of those actors that everyone speaks well of, and we do not mean his close friends. The film crews and staff of the establishments he frequents affirm that he’s a real heartthrob: polite, friendly and helpful.

That is why it is not surprising that he also has a circle of close friends whom he treats like a true treasure, and that is precisely what has starred in one of the most famous stories on the film scene. The moment when the actor gave a million dollars to his 14 friends closer. Quite an act of generosity that only fuels his good reputation.

To know this story you have to go back to 2013, the year in which he starred Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s film, winner of 7 Oscars and that raised $ 875 million box office. Unlike most of the contracts that he usually signs in which he receives a fixed salary for the film, this time the remuneration model was changed as he was not very sure if it would be successful. You would be paid based on the benefits you made, and the result could not be more satisfactory.

There is no question of the generosity of George Clooney
There is no question of George Clooney’s generosity – © Gtres

Well, at that time Clooney, although he had just met Amal Alamuddin, was still single, and upon receiving an unexpected – and impressive – amount of money decided to reward his group of lifelong friends They include Rande Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s husband), actor Richard Kind, director Grant Heslov. To do this, he organized a dinner on September 27 where he would give each one a million dollars.

As the way to deliver it had to be something memorable, he bought a van and 14 briefcases in which he would put the cash in 20 dollar bills. This story came to light in 2017 when Gerber told it on a television program and that the actor recently confirmed to GQ magazine. “At that time I was a 52-year-old single man who was getting older and had friends even older than me,” he explained. “I slept on their couches when it was broke. They loaned me money when I was bankrupt. They helped me when I needed it for 35 years. We are all good friends ”.

According to his account, he accompanied the delivery of an emotional speech. “Listen, I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I love you in my life. I came to Los Angeles and I had your sofa to sleep on. I’m very lucky to have you in my life (…) Some of you are going through hard times and I want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about your children’s school or paying the mortgage.

As if that were not enough, he also took care of pay the corresponding taxes so that each received that amount in net. An unforgettable detail that justifies explaining that all of them were included in his will and that it seemed absurd to him to wait until his death if he could see how they enjoyed that money in life.

As a finishing touch to this story, during the following months Clooney strengthened his relationship with Amal and on September 27, 2014Just a year after the special dinner, they said yes I do.

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