Why has Orestes returned to ‘Pasapalabra’ if he already participated a long time ago?



In the history of ‘Pasapalabra’ there are names that are never forgotten, and one of them is that of Orestes Barbero. The current contestant of the Antena 3 program has attracted the attention of viewers after his return to the ‘Rosco’ contest, in which he was already during his last stage in Telecinco and shortly before his transfer to the competition. The faithful to ‘Pasapalabra’ well know that Orestes was deserving of another opportunity in a contest that was not fair to him for reasons beyond the rules of the program. The judicial blow to Telecinco that forced the chain to cancel the format left Orestes Barbero with no option to the boat for which he had been fighting 119 programs. The young man, despite participating in ‘El Tirón’ – an attempted continuation of ‘Pasapalabra’ with a different name – went home empty-handed and his name was removed from the list of winners due to the chain war.

Orestes Barbero has everything to be the perfect contestant in ‘Pasapalabra’. In addition to mastering the dictionary as Marco Antonio, Sofía or Pablo Díaz could do, he has a sense of humor and an amazing ability to put his audience in his pocket. He is, as the experts in the medium would say, the ‘hero’ of the story that the contest needs in order not to lower its performance on the chain. A 24-year-old philologist, his future is in teaching, although he has been preparing for ‘Pasapalabra’ since he was 19, when he competed for the first time in the format then conducted by Christian Gálvez and in which he formed a couple with another ‘great’ for viewers : Jero Garcia.

In his first appearance in this second life of ‘Pasapalabra’ in Atresmedia, Orestes Barbero has already made it clear why he is so loved by the audience. He is a close young man, with values ​​and with a dream to fulfill: he will allocate the award to training and a charitable cause. The spectators, as always happens with the ‘hero’ of a story, identify with Orestes and make the contestant’s goal their own, so they follow him every afternoon to support him on homework, as they did with Pablo Díaz months ago.

This week, in his eighth appearance on ‘Pasapalabra’, Orestes already demonstrated to the audience that the boat bears his name. The philologist was only two letters away from the coveted prize of 160,000 euros which, in view of the recent jackpot given to Sofía, will amount to a fairly high amount and will leave Barbero with a long season at Atresmedia.

Big losers

The gossips say on Twitter that the appearance of Orestes Barbero in ‘Pasapalabra’ has frustrated the continuity of Marco Antonio. Nothing is further from the truth, the eternal rival of Sofía does not continue in the program of letters due to internal rules of the contest, which does not allow whoever loses the boat to fight for a new one. Who knows if, given the interest generated by some of the last ‘losers’ of the format, the contest will consider a repechage and we will see Marco Antonio, Luis de Lama or Javier Dávila again.

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