why painting, dancing or playing sports helps your mind

No, work is not everything. But even if we know it, many times we forget it. Thus, from time to time we forget that there is life beyond work, and it costs us detach ourselves from the professional environment. Also, if when we leave work, we come home and start with our ‘second job’, the family one, we don’t have a moment to ourselves.

The plastic activities, music or sports they can be options to spend some time on ourselves. That of extracurricular activities, which were carried out as children, is a very easy concept to transfer to adult life, full of benefits, and that is not done. The TherapyChat psychologist comments that an activity like

Going for a run, joining a dance class, painting class, or a book club can have many benefits for us.

On the one hand, it can help to better set limits, manage and differentiate our work time and staff. “Having activities beyond responsibilities not only helps to disconnect, but also, helps those who telecommute to set the necessary limits to close their working hours “, they explain.

Expand the social circle

Another advantage is the expansion of our social circle, since sharing hobbies and getting out of the possible isolation and routine that daily obligations create for us, increases our support network, so necessary for the psychological well-being. Finally, it will also help us improve our mood and self-esteem. “When we decide to spend time doing something that brings us well-being or that we enjoy, we are taking care of ourselves,” say the professionals.

Depending on what type of activity we choose, we will be faced with one type of benefits or others. For example, if we opt for sports activities in our free time, we talk about an ideal option for those who spend many hours sitting, since we can improve pain and posture, release tension and, if we choose outdoor activities, connect with nature, “which helps combat stress, increases concentration and allows us to enjoy beauty and fresh air.”

Artistic activities

We can also opt for artistic activities, such as painting or ceramics, which will allow us to develop our creativity, as well as connect with our senses in different ways. And another good option may be to play an instrument or sing, activities that can provide us with new forms of expression or channeling of emotions and experiences. In addition, these activities allow us to develop a sense of rhythm while connecting with other people.

“If, on the other hand, you prefer not to leave the house, a good option could be crafts that, again, put us in contact with creativity, or, also, gardening”, they recommend. They explain from TherapyChat that these activities involve concentration and that make us enter a ‘state of flow’, that is, a mental state in which time flows without even realizing it, giving us rest and working on positive emotionality.

The recommendation of the professionals, yes, is that if we choose an option that requires us to stay at home, it is important to reserve time on the agenda and even set an alarm if we are one of those who pass our time without realizing it. «In addition, it is advisable that, if we spend a lot of time at home, cLet’s combine these activities with others outdoors and in company and, in addition, let us establish certain signals that help us to differentiate the time of work from that of leisure, such as changing our clothes, “they add.

Finally, they leave a seemingly simple message, but in reality key to everything: the most important thing is to choose something that, really, we like and enjoy. If you don’t go with us, it’s foolish to force yourself.


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