Ximo Puig maintains the restrictions for two more weeks with half the incidence of the coronavirus than Madrid




Two opposite poles. The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, and his Madrid counterpart, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, have shown their discrepancies on the management of the coronavirus crisis. The differences between the main regional presidents of the PSOE and the PP have been accentuated in the de-escalation of restrictions by the Covid-19.

A) Yes, Diaz Ayuso has announced that on September 20, the limitations on capacity and hours will be removed from the nightlife and hospitality sectors, as well as cinemas, theaters and concerts.

Ximo Puig, on the contrary, it maintains the restrictions at least until September 27 despite the fact that all the coronavirus indicators are better in the Valencian Community than in Madrid.

To date, the cumulative incidence of Covid-19 at fourteen days it is located at 83 infected per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 131 in Madrid. Seven days ahead, the incidence in the Valencian provinces is almost half that in the capital of Spain.

Currently, the percentage of hospital beds occupied by patients with Covid-19 in the Valencian Community it triples that of the Community of Madrid both in the plant and in the ICU.

Madrid also surpasses the Valencian Community in terms of the rate of fatality from coronavirus accumulated during the pandemic.

Despite this epidemiological scenario, Ximo Puig demarcated again from Diaz Ayuso and it is committed to maintaining a “prudent” de-escalation in which nightlife can only open until three in the morning and restrictions on hotels remain in force, forced to maintain capacity and close at twelve thirty at night.

Restrictions until September 27

Despite the call by business associations from both sectors for the Generalitat to liberalize their schedules, the roadmap designed by Ximo Puig goes through persisting with the current limitations until September 27, when it is planned that the Interdepartmental Table for the management of prevention of Covid-19 Decree a second phase of the de-escalation until October 9, a holiday of the Valencian Community in which the autonomous government sets the time horizon for the end of the restrictions due to the coronavirus. For this, ninety percent of the vaccinated population must have been reached.

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