“You cannot judge Campazzo by his height but by his heart”



The Argentine base Facundo Campazzo He did his first full training session with his new Denver Nuggets team before making his media debut and admitting that the challenge of reaching the NBA It was not an easy thing, but he had confidence in himself and in doing his best to respond to those who have trusted him.

«The most important thing for me is that both the managers, such as coach Michael Malone, my new teammates and the fans I have been received with great affection and that makes me feel very happy in Denver“Campazzo declared during the press conference.

The Argentine international player stressed that he has reached a great team, which gives him confidence to be able to demonstrate everything he can do on the court, and also, do it alongside great players who are now his new teammates.

«The only thing I need is to work hard, although at the beginning there are many new things, I will try to put all my effort in the field so that my adaptation is as fast as possible, “said the former Real Madrid player. “I am aware that we are very close to the start of the season, but the support I receive from the coach I value very much.”

Malone and Argentine passion

Malone defined Campazzo’s style as something special, very typical of Argentine defenders, who put a “passion” to their game that is not something you always see on basketball fields.

I don’t see how you can’t fall in love with a young man like Facu. He is small in stature, but you cannot judge him by that, you have to judge him by his heart, which is very large. He makes plays most people don’t even think about or see … ”Malone argued.

The Nuggets coach already put Campazzo on the same level as the star center, Serbian Nikola Jokic, regarding their experience as players who have participated in international competition with teams in Europe and in their respective national teams.

Malone also said that he has no doubt about the good defensive work that Campazzo will be able to do in NBA basketball, no matter how tall he is.

«He has great toughness, I think he’s a very, very good defensive player, a defensive player who breaks the opponent’s attacking game, “said Malone.

Campazzo confirmed that he had received all of Malone’s trust from the beginning and in the first technical conversation they had he told him to be himself, to always try to be Facundo Campazzo.

«I have no doubt that they saw many videos of me before signing me and what they ask me is that I try to play my game, but now for my new team and that is the message that the coach gave me, “said the former Real Madrid player.

Precisely, the question that always weighs when a European basketball player arrives is how long it can take him to adapt to that of the NBA.

Campazzo will not be the exception, and after admitting that the NBA game is much faster, running all the time, looking for the best position, defending, and that adaptation will not be easy, he is convinced that he was going to do what best to overcome differences asap.

«I will try to use my defense and my experience in Spain“Campazzo stressed. “I have to improve my movements without the ball.”

The Argentine international also spoke about what he hoped to achieve with his country’s team in the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and after highlighting the values ​​he has learned within the team, he stressed that he was convinced that reaching the NBA would allow him to raise his level and that would be good for ‘La Albiceleste’.

While Malone anticipated that once Campazzo gets used to life in the NBA, he hopes that Nuggets fans and his own teammates will be invited to a great show and that “Facumania” will have its new headquarters in Denver.

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