«You have to live evolution. If you anchor, you remain dark »



What is the Immaculate?

A school of the Society of Jesus that wants to help society to form men and women for others within spirituality.

Is it serious to mix faith and science?

In many respects they work separately, but on a day-to-day basis it is intertwined. The same thing can be done in many different ways and we want our students to be able to choose the way to do them.


It is the example that I always set. May they be the best. But let them build houses thinking of the people who are going to live in them.

It is hard to teach the good in a world where there are no more boys or girls.

There are boys and girls. And so far we have not had to manage any situation in the changing rooms.

Nice try. But you are a director of the Jesuits. Is sex a condition or a choice?

It is a subject that is not yet totally clear. There are more traditional views and other more modern ones.

It’s a “kids” response.

The school must embrace the social need, know how to meet what is demanded in the best conditions.

They are part of the Church.

We are part of society.

It is one thing to embrace reality and the other to swallow propaganda.

This is not a school debate but one of the higher ecclesiastical hierarchies.

How is a school of the Company different from one of the Work?

Our identity, our charisma, what makes us different is the historical trajectory. We rely on the Ratio Studiorum.

Method of Study

It is the context of learning, experience (liking things internally), reflection for discernment and clarification, pre-lesson on what I am going to focus on, action for inner growth, periodic evaluation of the progress of attitudes human rights and the repetition of the paradigm that helps to mature. And then start over. It is a continuous process.

The new pedagogical tendencies say that what matters is to develop the capacities of the student, more than their knowledge.

Knowledge is important and skills are important. We seek the interaction between disciplines: to work for multidisciplinary projects, as mixed as life later presents to you. An education more based on challenges and the ways to solve them than in master classes.

The new careers.

There we have a problem, because we see that the world today is governed by new jobs, and we still do not know what careers or studies will have to be created to prepare students.

Also now we are liquid

Before the values ​​were solid, and now there are more possibilities. Even with the Covid we have been changing our strategy as we have learned more.

Well, I’m glad you compare relativism to a disease.

Knowledge changes because we learn.

Evil advances because the devil exists.

You have to live the evolution of the world. If you anchor, you remain dark.

They are a concerted school.

The agreement serves to make our center accessible to all social classes. Before, only those who could pay could enter.

If you want to be so generous, let it be with your money.

It is not generosity. It is plurality and rights. The more people you can choose, the more freedom.

The merit is that each one pays the price for his good deed.

It is not a “good deed.” It is a right that families are recognized. We are not generous, we are fair.

The public schools complain that the concerted schools keep the investment and reduce them to the ghetto.

They were right before. Now the investment in the public is high, the teachers are better paid and the workforce is more numerous. The public school is very competitive today.

There are families with public school convictions.

In this world there is everything.

We live lives of imperfection.

That is why the Company is brave, visionary, it renewed its teaching before all over the world spoke of the need to renew it. Without meaning, the world does not hold. To be free you have to know.


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